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―Stacy seeing Mei in her panda form

Stacy Frick is a minor character in Pixar's 2022 animated feature film, Turning Red. She is a classmate of Mei's who helps popularize her panda transformation.



Stacy appears to be a very curious girl, but is also a typical fashion and kawaii obsessed person. She does not mean any harm when she discovers that Mei can transform and is the first person outside of Mei's friend circle to openly embrace it.

Physical appearance

Stacy is a young teenage girl of average height with blond hair done up with blue and purple butterfly clips and blue eyes. She usually wears a blue sleeveless dress with squares on, mahogany leggings and brown ugg boots. She also noticeably has a small greenish-blue patch on her arm, known as an insulin patch.

Role in the film

When Mei blocks the bathroom door with a bin, Stacy comes out of the stall at the girl's bathroom and sees Mei in red panda form, which she reacts in shock. Later she in the bathroom during gym class than she saw Mei's friends, and loves her panda form, even doing so much as give her own soul for it. She then struts out of the girls bathroom with red panda accessories. She is also later seen in the 4 town concert cheering when the ritual works.


  • Her last name could be a play on a minced version of a certain offensive word.
  • While not specified, the patch on Stacy's arm could indicate that she is diabetic, due to how often we see her coming out of the bathroom.


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