"Stakeout" is the second segment of the third episode of Amphibia. It premiered on June 19, 2019.


Sprig wants Anne and Hop Pop to get along, so he tricks them into going on a stakeout.


Anne and Hop Pop argue over various things. With Anne being from the city in her world and Hop Pop sticking to old days, the two constantly bicker with one another and it is driving Sprig crazy. Not wanting them to end up like their former neighbors who used to argue all the time, Sprig decides to make it his mission to force the two together after getting inspired by Polly's unintentional suggestion of forcing them together. Sprig tells everyone that someone stole Hop Pop's "prize winning" corn and that he and Anne will have to be the ones to catch the thief. Out of earshot, Polly deduces that Sprig stole the corn and argues with him about it to no avail.

Anne and Hop Pop start their stakeout while Sprig and Polly watch from their bedroom. While arguing, Anne presents her Blam Berry Blitz power drink while Hop Pop shows off his Gourd Tea recipe to keep each other awake. They try each other's drinks and laugh about it after having repulsed reactions to them. The two seemingly bond over their similarities until they get into another argument. It is immediately halted when Hop Pop's head turns into a tea kettle and Anne's hair turns rainbow stardust. The two realize that they are having hallucinatory reactions to each other's drinks due to their body chemistry as the whole world around them suddenly turns into neon colors and presents strange imagery.

Fearing that his plan failing, Sprig and Polly go out to stop Anne and Hop Pop, but in their hallucinatory state, see Sprig and Polly as a giant corn monster. They try to fight them off with magic (in their minds), but nothing works so they grab "power-ups" (a sickle and a pitchfork) and chase after the two. Cornering him at the house, Sprig breaks down in tears and apologizes for his actions just as the hallucinations wear off. Anne and Hop Pop ignore him as they realize that they tried to protect each other and fall asleep. Sprig passes out as Polly is amazed that his plan actually worked. Being "parched" she drinks the Blam Berry Blitz and begins to hallucinate too as she summons Bouldertron, her humanoid rock assistant.



  • The Plantars apparently live in an area that used to be well populated before dying out.
  • When fighting the "scary monster", Hop Pop and Anne shoot energy beams from their hands, a reference to the Kamehameha technique from the Dragon Ball franchise.


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