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The following episodes of Star vs. the Forces of Evil are listed in the order of their original airing. The series sneak preview episode "Star Comes to Earth" and "Party With a Pony" premiered on January 18, 2015 on Disney Channel before making its official premiere on Disney XD on March 30, 2015. The first season took two years to make and consists of thirteen episodes.

Disney XD ordered a second season of the show ahead of the series premiere. Initial fan response in terms of fan art was cited as the reason for the announcement. On March 4, 2016, the show was renewed for a third season prior to its second season premiere on July 11, 2016, as well as on February 28, 2017 the show was renewed for a fourth and final season prior to its third season premiere.

Series Overview

Season Episodes Originally aired
Season premiere Season finale
1 13 March 30, 2015 September 21, 2015
2 22 July 11, 2016 February 27, 2017
3 21 July 15, 2017 April 7, 2018
4 21 March 10, 2019 May 19, 2019

Season One (2015)

No. in
No. in
Title Original
01 01 "Star Comes to Earth" March 30, 2015 474S-106
On her fourteenth birthday, Princess Star Butterfly receives a magical wand, but when she sets fire to the castle, she is sent to Earth to train. There, she enrolls in Echo Creek Academy where the principal pairs her with Marco Diaz, a reputed "safe kid". Upon befriending Marco, Star ends up discovering her skills when she is attacked by Ludo and his army of monsters.
"Party With a Pony" March 30, 2015 474S-107
Star receives a visit from Flying Princess Pony Head, her best friend from Mewni. Pony Head is jealous that Marco is Star's best friend on Earth. She invites Star and Marco to various dance clubs, but she competes with Marco for Star's attention and tries to strand him at a video arcade. Meanwhile, guards have been hot on Pony Head's trail. Eventually, King Pony Head arrives to have the guards take Pony Head to St. Olga's Reform School for Wayward Princesses.
02 02 "Match Maker" March 30, 2015 474S-101
Star fails her first test, so she tries to play matchmaker for their math teacher Miss Skullnick to get a better grade. However, she winds up turning her into a troll. When Ludo and his minions attack, one of the monsters falls for Skullnick.
"School Spirit" March 30, 2015 474S-108
Echo Creek Academy prepares for a football game against their rival school. Marco tries to protect Ferguson, who has become the team mascot, from being kidnapped. Star takes the concept of going to battle literally, and booby traps the field with bombs, evil kittens, and giant birds.
03 03 "Monster Arm" April 6, 2015 474S-111
Marco breaks his arm before a karate tournament. Star uses her wand to fix it, but transforms it into a tentacle arm. As Star tries to find a spell to reverse it, Marco begins to like his new powers associated with the arm. However, the arm harbors an evil sentience that intends to take over the world.
"The Other Exchange Student" April 6, 2015 474S-110
When the Diaz family receives a visit by their former foreign exchange student Gustav from Scandinavia, Gustav soon becomes the family favorite with his meatballs, that Star feels neglected. She senses something is wrong when she discovers Gustav harbors some books and media about how to act like a Scandinavian in his backpack.
04 04 "Cheer Up Star" April 13, 2015 474S-103
Star and Marco are trapped inside a tool shed by Ludo's army. As Marco tries to fashion something to fight them off, he recounts how he tried to cheer up Star because she left her phone number for her crush, a keytar-playing student named Oskar Greason, but he has not called her back.
"Quest Buy" April 13, 2015 474S-105
When Star's wand runs low on power, she and Marco visit Quest Buy, a large inter-dimensional retail store to buy a new charger. However, the location of the charger department proves extremely difficult to find and to get to. Meanwhile, Ludo and his minions, who are shopping there for a beak sharpener, pursue Star to try to take her wand.
05 05 "Diaz Family Vacation" April 20, 2015 474S-112
As an anniversary gift for Marco's parents, Star invites them and Marco to Mewni, but must avoid being seen by her father as Star is not allowed to leave Earth. While they visit a Mewni village, Star sees her father strolling about, and directs the Diaz family into a deadly forest.
"Brittney's Party" April 20, 2015 474S-102
Star and Marco crash Brittney Wong's birthday event which takes place on a party bus. While Star tries to make the party "fun", Marco gets carsick. Ludo and his minions attack and hijack the bus.
06 06 "Mewberty" June 15, 2015 474S-116
Star experiences "mewberty", that is, her skin breaks out in hearts whenever she is near boys. Although Marco thinks it's much like the Earthling condition, Star's is more extreme. She sprouts hearts all over her body, and transforms into a butterfly creature that captures boys and seals them away. Marco turns to the Glossaryck, a genie inside Star's book of magic, for advice on how to stop her.
"Pixtopia" June 15, 2015 474S-115
After making prank calls on Star's magic mirror, Marco, Alfonzo, Ferguson, and Star must go to Pixtopia: Land of the Pixies and pay the bill. When they can't pay it, they are forced to work in a mine shaft. The Pixie Empress flirts with Ferguson.
07 07 "Lobster Claws" June 22, 2015 474S-104
Ludo fires his minion Lobster Claws after he accidentally takes off Deer Beard's antler when trying to get Star's wand. Marco tries to help Lobster Claws become good while Star thinks he cannot be reformed.
"Sleep Spells" June 22, 2015 474S-113
Star and Marco try to determine who has been redecorating her room, with Mr. Diaz only accounting for a small project. Marco discovers that Star has been "sleep spelling", that is, casting spells when sleepwalking. He tries psychology to try to treat her but learns that she is actually trying to defend herself from an intruder, revealed to be Princess Smooshy, an ugly "goblin-elephant" princess who wants to steal Star's face so she can avoid getting sent back to St. Olga's Reform School for Wayward Princesses after escaping it.
08 08 "Blood Moon Ball" July 20, 2015 474S-120
Star's ex-boyfriend Tom invites her to the Blood Moon Ball, an Underworld event that occurs once every 667 years. Tom claims he has turned over a new leaf, having hired an anger management consultant. Marco does not believe Tom has changed but Star decides to go anyway. When Marco disrupts Tom's plan to take Star for himself under the Blood Moon's light, Tom reverts to his old self.
"Fortune Cookies" July 20, 2015 474S-122
Following yet another victory over Ludo and his minions, Marco and Star eat at a Chinese restaurant. Marco tricks Star into thinking the sayings in fortune cookies can really predict the future. Meanwhile, Ludo hires a monster named Toffee to shape up his minions; they come up with a plan to take advantage of Star's fortune cookie obsession.
09 09 "Freeze Day" July 27, 2015 474S-119
Star freezes time with her wand so that Marco can appear at Echo Creek Academy on time for his morning greeting nod with his crush Jackie-Lynn Thomas. But when she is unable to cancel out the effects, she and Marco visit the Plains of Time in order to get Father Time to restart time again.
"Royal Pain" July 27, 2015 474S-118
Star gets an unexpected visit from her father who had been kicked out of the house for not picking up after himself. After getting excited over Earth activities such as using a flush toilet and playing miniature golf, he ends up overstaying his welcome. He hosts a party with his inter-dimensional friends, but it is soon crashed by a sun character named Helios.
10 10 "St. Olga's Reform School for Wayward Princesses" August 10, 2015 474S-117
Star and Marco go undercover as new princess students in order to break Pony Head out of St. Olga's on her birthday. They discover Pony Head has been brainwashed to be a compliant princess and try to evade the robot guards and the reform school's headmistress Miss Heinous.
11 11 "Mewnipendance Day" August 17, 2015 474S-131
Star Butterfly recruits her classmates to participate in a battle reenactment of Mewni's Independence Day. Ludo and Toffee use a special floating eye device to spy on Star and her activities. Ludo's minion Buff Frog infiltrates the reenactment as one of the monsters to try to steal the wand.
"The Banagic Incident" August 17, 2015 TBA
Impressed by a commercial for a magical Earth product called a Banagic Wand, Star tries to get Marco to buy it, but Marco refuses as he has karate class. Star ends up going into town by herself where she confuses a pirate-themed restaurant for having real pirates and trashes the place. Meanwhile, Marco's karate instructor wants his students to channel their emotions to walk across hot coals.
12 12 "Interdimensional Field Trip" September 14, 2015 474S-126
Miss Skullnick's class finds the field trip to the Echo Creek Museum of Paper Clips boring, so Star volunteers to lead a trip to the Dimension of Wonders and Amazement. But when she lets the students do whatever they want, she puts the entire class in danger. Meanwhile, Miss Skullnick visits an exhibit on troll history. When a yarn monster captures the class, Star and Miss Skullnick must work together to save them.
"Marco Grows a Beard" September 14, 2015 474S-132
Star botches a spell that would help Marco grow a beard in order to impress Jackie Lynn Thomas. The hair grows out of control, engulfing the house, and Star loses her wand in the midst of it. Meanwhile, Ludo leads his minions through the overgrown beard to find the wand. After Star defeats them, Ludo is shocked when he is overthrown by Toffee.
13 13 "Storm the Castle" September 21, 2015 474S-134
After an argument over their recent adventure of retrieving a sandwich, Star discovers that Marco has been abducted and held ransom for her wand. She allies with Buff Frog and Ludo to storm the castle and beat up Ludo's former minions and free Marco. However, Toffee arranges for the box imprisoning Marco to gradually collapse, forcing Star to destroy her wand in exchange for sparing Marco. After consulting with Glossaryck, Star's parents determine that there is one more piece of the wand that must be found in order to repair it.

Season Two (2016-2017)

No. in
No. in
Title Original
14 01 "My New Wand!" July 11, 2016 474S-201
As Marco gets out of the shower, Star activates her new wand, but it accidentally knocks Marco, her wand, and her book of spells into her closet. Unable to open the door, Star consults with Glossaryck who suggests she dig deep into her soul to find a solution. Meanwhile, Marco gets similar advice from Glossaryck to sort out Star's secrets that she hid in her closet.
"Ludo in the Wild" July 11, 2016 474S-202
After the destruction of his castle, Ludo is thrown into the cosmos by Star and lands in a forested location where he must work to survive in the woods. He competes with a spider as they go ice fishing. When a bag of potato chips is found, he and the spider fight until he wins. He also tames an eagle. When he spots Star in the woods, he chases her until he realizes he is back on Mewni and also obtains a wand of his own which holds the other half of Star's wand magic.
15 02 "Mr. Candle Cares" July 18, 2016 474S-204
Star and Marco have been uncomfortable with the job suggestions that their guidance counselor Mr. Candle set them up with. Star learns about what it takes to be a Queen the day when she will inherit the crown and plans to take a different route. Meanwhile, Marco was displeased with his job suggestion as the head janitor on Garbage Island and stumbles upon a discovery where Marco learns that Mr. Candle is in league with Tom to get back together with Star.
"Red Belt" July 18, 2016 474S-203
Marco decides he wants to move onto the next level of karate and undergoes the training for a red belt from the Dojo Sensei as he learns the truth about him when his mother visits. Meanwhile, Star looks for a hammer and nails in order to put up a new poster that she just obtained.
16 03 "Star on Wheels" July 25, 2016 474S-206
Marco teaches Star how to ride a bicycle. When Star is unable to use the breaks of Marco's bicycle to stop and doesn't have her wand with her, Marco enlists Oskar and Glossaryck for help.
"Fetch" July 25, 2016 474S-205
Star throws her wand by accident and it ends up in the mouth of a growling dog who refuses to let it go. She has to take care of the dog and find its owner. Meanwhile, Marco struggles to get a straw into his juice box and has to take care of the laser puppies. She eventually discovers the dog named Willoughby is actually a extra-dimensional being who didn't like life on her planet, so Star has her adopted by a strange lady named Lydia.
17 04 "Star vs. Echo Creek" August 1, 2016 474S-207
After getting a sugar high from seasoning her burrito, Star sets off some magic that accidentally causes a sign to fall and crush a police cruiser. While trying to evade the police, Star encounters a woman by the river bank named Brigid who likes making things out of hair and taking care of injured animals. She later encounters an underwater sea creature who tells her that hiding out is a good thing, but it is revealed the creature is actually her own conscience. Missing her family and friends, she returns to a very worried Marco and turns herself in to the police who have her wash the other squad cars as part of her police-supervised community service.
"Wand to Wand" August 1, 2016 474S-210
Star and Ludo struggle to get their new wands to work properly. On Star's part, she tries to use it to clean up the Diaz home before Marco's parents return. On Ludo's part, he tries to figure out how it works.
18 05 "Starstruck" August 8, 2016 474S-213
While foraging for donuts that are being tossed at the end of the day, Star encounters Mina Loveberry, a magical girl from Mewni who is Star's idol. Mina has been living as a homeless person on Earth. Star follows Mina and tries to train in her ways, which annoys Marco. At a park, when Mina announces she plans to take over the world, the people decide to hold a vote on whether Mina should rule, and Star is left to break the tie.
"Camping Trip" August 8, 2016 474S-208
Marco wants to show Star the geyser ″Old Youthful″ during a Diaz camping trip. River Butterfly joins them on the trip to learn what Earth camping is like. But River Butterfly's antics get him in trouble several times with the park ranger. When Marco reveals he wanted to show Star the geyser, and the ranger says it's likely the last time it will ever erupt, the three try to rush there to see it.
19 06 "Starsitting" August 15, 2016 474S-212
Star and Marco are put in charge of watching Buff Frog's tadpoles. Marco wants to follow the Buff Baby handbook, while Star just wants to cuddle them and poke at them. Things get complicated when the tadpoles sprout their legs and hop around.
"On the Job" August 15, 2016 474S-209
While Star and Marco are babysitting his tadpoles, Buff Frog goes on a mission with Boo Fly and other monsters on finding who has been stealing Mewnian corn, but he keeps thinking about his tadpoles during the job, causing him to be a little distracted and klutzy.
20 07 "Goblin Dogs" September 12, 2016 474S-211
Star, Marco, Pony Head, and a bush-themed female named Kelly go to an unidentified dimension to purchase a Goblin Dog. They end up having a hard time when they must deal with the various jobs of the goblin vendor Roy and the many lines that lead to the Goblin Dog truck.
"By the Book" September 12, 2016 474S-214
Star has not been following the advices of Glossaryck when it comes to mastering new spells causing the two of them to have a falling out. Marco does various things in order to get Star and Glossaryck to reconcile. Meanwhile, Ludo hears the voices from within the wand that tell him what he needs to master his wand.
21 08 "Game of Flags" September 19, 2016 474S-219
During a reunion between Star's parents' families Star is placed at the kids' table. The two families compete in Flags, a king of the hill game where whoever plants their flag atop a dangerous hill full of obstacles gets to look down on the rival family members for a year. Against the wishes of her mother, Star fashions a decoy at the table and participates in Flags. Marco tries to keep up with Star and later tries to convince her to stop when he realizes how serious the participants are in winning.
"Girls' Day Out" September 19, 2016 474S-217
Star is sent to detention for disrupting Miss Skullnick's class when she frees the class's pet hamster Marisol. Although she could easily escape, she is convinced by Janna and the other detention students that she is the Mayor of Detention, and is assigned to help the students out with their needs. She helps all of them except for Toby, a kid who wants replacement batteries for his remote so he can watch a pro wrestling show on TV. Star and Janna try to find replacement batteries by sneaking out to Oskar and getting ones from his keytar. Meanwhile, Marco is tasked to find Marisol and gets his hand stuck in a drain pipe.
22 09 "Sleepover" September 26, 2016 474S-218
Star hosts a sleepover with her girl classmates and Pony Head. They recruit Marco to play a truth or dare game called "Truth or Punishment", where the Truth or Punishment cube administers punishments to everyone when someone lies, and refuses to free everyone until the game is over. The cube's final question is who is their greatest crush. Marco admits he likes Jackie, but the cube gets angrier, insisting someone else is lying. Star confronts the cube and tells it that her preferences can change. The cube gets confused and lets them go.
"Gift of the Card" September 26, 2016 474S-221
After having lost her job at St. Olga's Reform School for Wayward Princesses, Miss Heinous hires a lizard-man bounty hunter named Rasticore to destroy Princess Star and to capture Princess Marco. Star begs Marco to use his Quest Buy gift card. Marco agrees, but because it's a "friends to the end" card, he has to use it on something he really wants, and if he doesn't redeem it by midnight when it expires, they will expire too.
23 10 "Friendenemies" October 3, 2016 474S-220
Tom invites Marco to a movie marathon featuring Mackie Hands, Marco's favorite kung-fu film star. They start to become friends on the way there after learning they both like Mackie Hands and a band called Love Sentence, but when Marco wants to leave to catch the marathon, Tom refuses to let him go, and gets angry, voiding his chance to earn an anger management graduation badge. Tom apologizes and tries to win back Marco with a Love Sentence song, and then raises Mackie Hands from the dead. Although they cannot get into the theatre, Tom and Marco watch Mackie lay a beatdown on the movie's security guards.
"Is Mystery" October 3, 2016 474S-222
Buff Frog attempts to solve a mystery of a hole in the wall guarding the cornfield when he gets captured by Meat Fork, a humanoid warthog monster with a fork for a left hand. Upon being put to work to grind corn, Buff Frog frees himself to discover who is enslaving the monsters. He encounters the rats as well as Ludo, who offers him Meat Fork's job. Buff Frog refuses and escapes with Meat Fork. Buff Frog decides he will warn Star that Ludo is back.
24 11 "Hungry Larry" October 10, 2016 474S-216
After Mr. Diaz fails to scare some kids with his haunted house, Star and Janna summon Hungry Larry, reputed to be a very scary spirit, to haunt the house. Janna goes missing and screams attract the kids back to the house. But the kids get scared and go missing; Star and Marco are attacked. Mr. Diaz arrives to find Hungry Larry has eaten everyone, and rescues them.
"Spider With a Top Hat" October 10, 2016 474S-228
Spider with a top hat has been entertaining Star's wand monsters at a party. Afterwards, he tries to learn a fighting move where he tries to blast through a wall. Despite getting training from Narwahl and Rock, he is unable to break through the wall. The other monsters are summoned for a fight but they are beaten up. Encouraged by Rock's words, Spider is finally called to fight a monster.
25 12 "Into the Wand" November 7, 2016 474S-215
Star's wand malfunctions, making a mess of her spell casting. Glossaryck tells Star that the way to fix it is to go inside the wand and to fetch the item that does not belong. Star finds that the inside is connected to her memories, but when she gets distracted she loses touch with Glossaryck, and must find the item before her present experience creates duplicates of herself. She eventually finds the item in a room highlighting her mother's lineage.
"Pizza Thing" November 7, 2016 474S-227
Star, Marco, and Pony Head are about to have a Friendship Thursday by curling up under a blanket on the sofa and watching a television show. Pony Head finds the concept boring and tags along with Marco to pick up a pizza from Emilio's shop. But problems arise when Pony Head gets distracted with buying some skinny jeans, inadvertently confuses a taxi ride with a carjacking, and when Marco makes a casual remark about Emilio's pizza that Emilio takes to heart.
26 13 "Page Turner" November 14, 2016 474S-223
Glossaryck lets Star pick any page in the book to learn some new magic. Star chooses a mysterious chapter, but Glossaryck tells her it is very dark magic and that he will only let her get a short peek at the page. However, Glossaryck is summoned to the Bureau of Magic; he tells Star not to turn to that page, and his consciousness is dragged away into another dimension. While Glossaryck must deal with a not-so-helpful receptionist and has a difficult time getting to the top floor because the magic system is "on the fritz", Star is tempted to turn the page, and enlists Marco to help do it.
"Naysaya" November 14, 2016 474S-226
Marco shyly tries to ask Jackie Lynn Thomas out on a date, but finds that he is blurting out embarrassing things about himself. He then discovers he has sprouted a small little head out of the side of his neck that is saying all those things. It is a Naysaya, a curse that Tom had placed on Marco so that Marco would not be able to ask out Star. The Naysaya can only go away when it is appeased, so Marco tries giving it what it wants, which is some cereal, but it doesn't go away. Marco meets Jackie again but the Naysaya starts to act up, so Marco decides to spill out all his insecurities in front of Jackie.
27 14 "Bon Bon the Birthday Clown" November 21, 2016 474S-224
Star and Janna plan a séance to bring back the spirit of Bon Bon, a clown who had died one hundred years ago, but the event coincides with a school dance that Star had planned to go with Marco. Star lets Marco go to the dance with Jackie, who finds the dance boring but changes it to a date instead at a park. During the seance, when Janna falls asleep, Star checks up on Marco with a spy spell, only to find that he and Jackie are having a good time together, which makes her jealous. Star is surprised by Ludo, who steals Star's spellbook. Marco and Jackie share a kiss, but when they hear Star in trouble they rush to help her. They pull Star from being sucked through a portal. Glossaryck wakes up to find Ludo as his new master.
28 15 "Raid the Cave" February 6, 2017 474S-229
Star tries to find Ludo and retrieve the Book of Spells. She packs a large amount of stuff and goes to Buff Frog, who gives Star and Marco a map of Ludo's hideout. There they find some monsters that have taken over the place but see no sign of Ludo. Star uses the seeing eye spell to find Glossaryck and pleads for him to come back, but he refuses, saying that he has to follow Ludo now.
"Trickstar" February 7, 2017 474S-230
Star and Marco attend the birthday party for Marco's sensei. Star becomes suspicious of magician-for-hire Preston Change-O, who, after every magic trick he does, seems to be taking something spiritual from the person, and that his hat is becoming longer and longer. She discovers that Preston has the ability to steal joy from people, so she warns him not to do so or else, but Preston does it anyway. When Star tells everyone what is happening, the audience think Star is a spoilsport and ignore her. Sensei talks about his feelings and then informs Star and Marco that he put Preston in the trunk, but when they open it, Preston has disappeared.
29 16 "Baby" February 8, 2017 474S-232
Star's parents send a fairy godmother named Baby to evaluate Star, who takes the task seriously, as failing the eval would mean she would have to return to Mewni. At first, Star cleans up her room, shoving stuff in closets or dimensional portals, but when Baby starts asking Star questions, and things start falling out of place, Star's responses are met with the same neutral phrase "Interesting" followed by jotting down of notes. Baby then asks Star to bring her an apple using magic, but Star fails to do the task despite repeated tries. Baby concludes that Star failed, but Star tries one last time and ends up using the apple seeds to grow an apple tree which drops an apple for Baby. Star's parents learn from Baby that despite not being organized, losing the book of spells, and failing to do simple spells, Star has magic potential way ahead of when her mother was her age, and might even be comparable to Queen Eclipsa.
"Running with Scissors" February 9, 2017 474S-231
When Marco abuses the Dimensional Scissors, the Scissors Enforcer, Heckapoo gives Marco an ultimatum.
30 17 "Mathmagic" February 13, 2017 474S-233
When Star refuses to solve a problem in math class, she learns that avoiding her least favorite subject may have cosmic repercussions.
"The Bounce Lounge" February 14, 2017 474S-234
When Star discovers that the Bounce Lounge is closing, she and Marco enlist their old Bounce Crew to make sure the party continues.
31 18 "Crystal Clear" February 15, 2017 474S-235
Rhombulus is convinced that Star is the source of a universe-wide magical glitch and brings them before the Chancellor of the Magical High Commission.
"The Hard Way" February 16, 2017 474S-236
Ludo forces Glossaryck to teach him about the Book of Spells.
32 19 "Heinous" February 20, 2017 474S-237
Ms. Heinous shows up at the Diaz house and Marco must make amends for all the terrible things he has done.
"All Belts are Off" February 21, 2017 474S-238
Marco wants to prove to Sensei that he's more worthy than Jeremy.
33 20 "Collateral Damage" February 22, 2017 474S-239
Star must restore Echo Creek High's spirit after destroying the Possum statue.
"Just Friends" February 23, 2017 474S-240
Star surprises Marco with tickets to a Love Sentence concert, but also invites Jackie. When Star and Jackie start having fun together, Marco starts to feel jealous and wants them to go on without him, but Jackie convinces him otherwise. At the concert Jackie and Marco engage in a kiss, which results in Star running off out of jealousy. As Star leaves the concert, she fires a blast of tainted magic, destroying a billboard.
34 21 "Face the Music" February 27, 2017 474S-241
On Star's Song Day, Star and Marco work with principle songstrel Ruberiot to create a ballad for the event.
35 22 "Starcrushed" February 27, 2017 474S-243
Hoping to help her forget about her strained friendship with Marco, Star's friends convince her to ditch the Diaz' end-of-the-school-year party for a more dangerous bash.

Season Three (2017-2018)

No. in
No. in
Title Original
36 01 "The Battle for Mewni: Return to Mewni" July 15, 2017 474S-301
Marco's parents try to console Marco. Star and Queen Butterfly take the Magical High Commission members to the sanctuary, but their carriage breaks down because of the fritz. Some of Ludo's rats try to take away the members while they are camping, but they fight them off. They make it to the sanctuary, but the well spring that is supposed to revive the members is corrupted with dark magic. Queen Butterfly and Star rest and think about what to do next: Queen wants them to stay and hide, but Star wants to fight.
"The Battle for Mewni: Moon the Undaunted" July 15, 2017 474S-302
Queen Moon shares her story of when she was a teenager and her mother had died. She had to decide between signing a peace treaty or going to war against the lizards. She partly melts the ice encasing Eclipsa, to learn some dark magic from the forbidden section of the Book of Spells. She confronts Toffee and uses the dark magic to sever his finger, which he is unable to regenerate and then flees.
37 02 "The Battle for Mewni: Book Be Gone" July 15, 2017 474S-303
Ludo finds that his wand is now embedded into his hand. He finds Glossaryck, who tells them that the Magic High Commission has been defeated. Ludo wants to celebrate by writing his story into the Book of Spells, but the book will not let him, as he is not the owner of the book anymore. Despite multiple attempts, he is unable to write into the book until he throws the book into the fire, at which it burns up.
"The Battle for Mewni: Marco and the King" July 15, 2017 474S-304
King River tries to take care of the kingdom by partying it up every day, but he and his subjects wear down quickly. Marco arrives, but the King has to deal with angry villagers as well as a large monster who approaches the castle, destroying everything in her path. River tries to hide, but Marco encourages him to stand up to the monster.
38 03 "The Battle for Mewni: Puddle Defender" July 15, 2017 474S-305
With the sanctuary all sludged up, Star and her mom flee and find a new hiding place at Buff Frog's. Star wants to sneak out to fight, so she gets Buff Frog to distract her mom with some Mewnian board games such as Puddle Defender, which Buff and Moon find have a biased perspective towards the monsters instead of the Mewnians. However, Buff Frog later sides with Queen Butterfly and forbids Star from leaving. Buff's youngest tadpole Katrina is able to sneak Star out.
"The Battle for Mewni: King Ludo" July 15, 2017 474S-306
Ludo has taken over the kingdom, and has imprisoned Marco and River, but he finds that he is not popular at all among the kingdom's villagers. He tells River to make him popular or else he will levitate him into the sky. Marco uses a stick of butter that Ludo left to free himself, but River has eaten his part of the butter so Marco has to steal Ludo's key. He meets with some of the court entertainers, and they steal the key, but River refuses to escape. Ludo levitates River into the skies while Marco and the entertainers conspire what to do next.
39 04 "The Battle for Mewni: Toffee" July 15, 2017 474S-307
Star attacks Ludo at the castle but Ludo suddenly stops when he gets a signal from his hand. Star tells Ludo that Toffee is controlling him, but Spider is able to capture her in the meantime. Marco breaks her out and calls the entertainers (called Le Resistance) but Ludo arrives and imprisons them except for Star. Ludo asks Star about his wand hand. While Queen Moon and Buff Frog break Marco out, Star agrees to use the whispering spell to free the magic in the wand and there is a big blast. Star finds herself in a sea of dark magic inside Ludo's body, and Ludo is taken over by Toffee again. Queen Moon agrees to return Toffee's finger in exchange for Star's freedom. Toffee resurrects, but tells them that Star is gone. But as he leaves, Star is able to find her magic and come out to Mewni. She defeats Toffee with a magical blast from her restored wand; Ludo drops a pillar on Toffee to finish him off. Ludo asks Star to send him back to the void so he can find himself some more. While King River returns on some eagles, Queen Moon checks on Eclipsa who is still encased in crystal, however as Moon leaves, the crystal that holds Eclipsa cracks.
40 05 "Scent of a Hoodie" November 6, 2017 474S-309
After helping defeat Toffee, Marco says goodbye to Star and returns to Earth, but he is missing his hoodie. Unknown to him, Star has been keeping his hoodie, but Pony Head arrives and throws it into the Royal Laundry for cleaning. Star tries to get the hoodie back from the Knight of the Wash, who insists it be cleaned to the highest standards. In spite of her efforts, the hoodie is eventually cleaned, but she is ecstatic that it has retained Marco's scent. It is then shipped back to Earth where Marco receives it and is curious that his hoodie also has Star's scent.
"Rest in Pudding" November 6, 2017 474S-310
Star's family and the Magic High Commission hold a memorial for Lekmet. Star notices Glossaryck in almost every waking moment that she starts believing he is haunting her over unfinished business. She contacts Janna for help and proceeds to tell her that anything that remains of Glossaryck must be properly buried in a place of meaning for him. She then heads to the hidden sanctuary and throws the remains of her old spell book into its well. Star feels reassured it's over, only for Glossaryck to then physically return reborn.
41 06 "Club Snubbed" November 7, 2017 474S-311
During the annual Silver Bell Ball, all neighboring kingdoms' rulers come to attend. Star is snubbed by Tom when his family arrives. After attempting to do the same by dancing with her other male dance partners, she then eventually confronts him alone to ask him why. Tom answers by saying he's giving her space since he was present during Song Day, from which he misinterpreted that she and Marco are in a relationship. She denies this, and eventually reluctantly asks him to dance, which they begin to enjoy, and the Ball is declared a success.
"Stranger Danger" November 7, 2017 474S-312
Star runs into ancient Queen Eclipsa. Although calm and well-meaning after being released from crystallization, Queen Moon and the High Commission try to keep Star far away from her as possible. Star however believes there's good in Eclipsa than what they initially believed long ago, so she demands the least they can do is have Eclipsa be given a fair trial. They reluctantly agree, and Eclipsa is put on house arrest in the meantime.
42 07 "Demoncism" November 8, 2017 474S-313
A jittery Pony Head confides to Star that Tom is undergoing a "demoncism," which is meant to turn him into a more normal, tamed being. They secretly infiltrate the ceremony for Star to rescue Tom, but the demoncism goes ahead as scheduled, only for its organizer to reveal that he still has plenty of rage in him.
"Sophomore Slump" November 8, 2017 474S-314
On Earth, Marco begins to spout so much of his adventures on Mewni that his friends, parents, and teachers begin to distance themselves from him. Jackie suspects that he is not letting go of this so easily, so Marco takes her out on a date to prove he has moved on and a better boyfriend to her. Upon discovering he is secretly hiding the cape King River gave to him on Mewni under his hoodie, she tells him that he is only staying in Echo Creek to make her happy for her sake. She kindly breaks up with him and leaves. Afterwards, Marco decides he wants to return to Mewni as an exchange student.
43 08 "Lint Catcher" November 9, 2017 474S-315
Marco arrives on Mewni, but Star feels indifferent over his presence. She gives him a job below the castle as a squire to the Knight of the Wash, Sir Lavabo. After a brief conversation with Eclipsa, Star runs back to the Royal Washroom to find Marco fighting off a giant lint monster. They eventually defeat it by turning on the lint blade catcher. Star apologizes to Marco and as an act of good faith, she magically creates an exact replica of his bedroom in the castle and appoints him as her own squire.
"Trial by Squire" November 9, 2017 474S-316
Star and Marco prepare for the Midnight Warrior Blowout Sale at Quest Buy. During the event, they meet fellow shoppers who will stop at nothing to get the best knight gear. After meeting female squire Higgs, she ridicules Marco by telling him that in spite of being named squire, it was handed to him under the impression that he's Star's boyfriend, which he denies. With all their efforts, Star reassures him that she only named him squire so they can go on adventures again like they used to. They finish the blowout sale by buying random, fun things instead of suitable knight gear much to the praise of the knights and Higgs' chagrin.
44 09 "Princess Turdina" November 13, 2017 474S-317
A surprise visitor pressures Marco to reveal Turdina's true identity.
"Starfari" November 13, 2017 474S-318
Star goes out into the field to understand why Mewmans treat Monsters unfairly.
45 10 "Sweet Dreams" November 14, 2017 474S-320
Star has a dream that she is flying and eating goblin dogs to her heart's content, only to wake up in her bedroom with Marco growing concern. To test her theory she has Marco watch her late at night with him chained to her, where he is dragged and discovers that she transforms into her butterfly form and is traveling through various dimensions into one portal. He wakes her up and with the help of Glossryck and Eclipsa, they manage to return to Mewni. Eclipsa suggests to Star that her dreams should be embraced openly as to understand what she is truly capable of.
"Lava Lake Beach" November 14, 2017 474S-319
Star, Marco, Tom, and Kelly head out to Lava Lake Beach. Kelly however does noyt feel too inclined on joining in too long with their festivities, so she wanders off alone. Marco chases after her, where she confides to him that she has broken up with her boyfriend Tad, but he is still living in her thick layer of hair and will not leave. Marco steps inside and tries to casually tell Tad that Kelly wants to move on, but Tad then easily guesses that Marco himself is miserable because of hidden feelings for his crush on Star. Conflicted, Marco runs off only to see Star kissing Tom from afar. Kelly finds him alone and offers to show him a grand view of the entire beach.
46 11 "Death Peck" November 15, 2017 474S-321
Star urges the royal youth of Mewni to sign a petition calling for the equal treatment of Monsters.
"Ponymonium" November 15, 2017 474S-322
Star is thrilled when Ponyhead invites her to dinner with her sisters.
47 12 "Night Life" November 16, 2017 474S-323
Star learns that Marco and Hekapoo have been dealing with rogue interdimensional portals.
"Deep Dive" November 16, 2017 474S-324
Star's sleep-portaling becomes a danger, and she decides to put a stop to it.
48 13 "Monster Bash" November 16, 2017 474S-325
All the youth of Mewni gather at the ancient Monster Temple to celebrate a new era of Monsters and Mewmans living together in peace, until guests start disappearing!
49 14 "Stump Day" December 2, 2017 474S-329
After celebrating Stump Day, Star sleeps. Marco then wakes her up to tell her that there is a surprise outside her room. Her friends greet her, as expected. (In fact, it is Star's birthday on the same day as Stump Day) Star tells them that she does not celebrate her birthday on the actual day, as she needs to worship the Stump but her friends think that it is fake. The party later escalates into an argument where Marco gets into a fight with Tom when he accuses Tom for forgetting Star's birthday and for being a bad boyfriend while Janna accuses Kelly for possibly developing a crush on Marco. Later Janna burns the Stump on the fireplace. This angers the Stump, and it captures her friends and her parents. They apologize for their actions, and worked together to make the Stump spare them. The family declares this day is the best Stump Day ever.
"Holiday Spellcial" December 2, 2017 474S-330
Spider with a Top Hat invites one of Eclipsa's dark spells to the office holiday party.
50 15 "The Bogbeast of Boggabah" March 3, 2018 474S-327
Star tries to convince Queen Moon that Eclipsa has a daughter called Meteora but her claims are dismissed by the queen. She is then stopped from kicking the door down to confront her mother by King River who takes her on a hunt for the Bogbeast of Boggabah. Star is warned by a 'Bogbeast veteran' to listen for the bogbeasts song. Star and the king then go through several rituals that Star rushes causing them to have to start over. That night Star hears the bogbeast's song and rushes after it getting trapped in mud and surprised by the king who reveals that she is the Bogbeast as she is impulsive and runs headfirst into situations. Star then decides to stay for a bog party instead of going straight to Moon.
"Total Eclipsa the Moon" March 3, 2018 474S-328
Queen Moon grows curious over Star's claims about Eclipsa's biological daughter being Meteora, so she pays her a visit wondering who she truly is. As Queen Moon shows her the old Butterfly Family book, they take notice that her daughter's name is Festivia, but this is proven false as Eclipsa says her true daughter was written out of history. Moon and Eclipsa decide to team up and secretly infiltrate the Magical Archives to find out. They enter through a hidden hallway and find Eclipsa's scroll, to find out it has been purposely rewritten to hide the truth about her daughter. After Moon accidentally trips the archive's alarm, they quickly return to the castle, only to run into Star.
51 16 "Butterfly Trap" March 10, 2018 474S-332
The trial of Eclipsa begins. To ensure that she tells the truth, Moon brings in a game of truth or pain. Each member of the Magic High Commission asks Eclipsa one question. However, it soon becomes a mock-trial, where every answer she gives is seen as pleading guilty. She was about to be declared guilty when it is revealed that she is allowed to ask them a question as well. She then proceeds to ask the Commission about Meteora, which they initially deny they know anything about. However, the game reveals they are lying and punish them until they reveal the truth: Eclipsa's Mewman husband had her replaced with Festivia, who was actually a peasant. It is then revealed that the whole scenario was set-up by Moon, Eclipsa, and Star to force the Commission to reveal the truth. Outraged by the Commissions lies and the fact that they are not the true royal family, Star sets Eclipsa free and runs off.
"Ludo, Where Art Thou?" March 10, 2018 474S-331
Ludo's brother Dennis stumbles upon Dimensional Scissors at their family home, so he decides to use it to find his brother. Ludo's minions Spider and Eagle volunteer by venturing into each portal, but to no success in finding him. Spider senses something in one portal, so Dennis ventures into it and finds Ludo having a mental breakdown in a makeshift home with their parents made up of various objects to keep himself company. Dennis unsuccessfully tries various ways to convince Ludo to come home, but Ludo ultimately comes to realize that he is just not ready to return home yet. Dennis wishes him the best and returns to his own dimension, leaving Ludo pondering over Star and Marco.
52 17 "Is Another Mystery" March 17, 2018 474S-333
Marco comes across a message from Buff Frog that he is leaving Mewni along with his children and other fellow monsters, so Star and Tom venture to his swamp where he tells them that there is no room for them on Mewni anymore due to the discrimination of their kind escalating. Although they try to persuade them otherwise - including Tom expressing his half-monster heritage - Buff Frog ultimately decides to depart, but reassures Tom and Star that he will stay vigilant if he is ever needed by them.
"Marco Jr." March 17, 2018 474S-336
Marco and Star return to Earth to find out that he will soon have a baby brother named after him. He soon has a Mewni painter paint a portrait of him as a present to his new sibling, but the painter gets his image wrong, and the distorted magic painting disfigures him.
53 18 "Skooled!" March 24, 2018 474S-334
Pony Head returns to St. Olga's Reform School, when Meteora, along with Gemini and Rasticore, suddenly break into the school to find the robot maid who raised her, St. Olga. She has Gemini hack her to discover what she knows about her true origins. It is revealed that King Shastacan gave Meteora to St. Olga as a baby, who then brainwashed her and taught her to despise her monster side. Believing they have come to retake the school, the princesses fight them but are defeated, with Meteora taking Pony Head's horn. Rasticore tries to flee but Meteora destroys Gemini, revealing he is a robot, with the resulting explosion reducing him back to an arm. Afterwards, Meteora takes Rasticore and announces her intentions to take the throne of Mewni for herself.
"Booth Buddies" March 24, 2018 474S-335
While attending Foolduke and Ruberiot's wedding, Star and Tom discover a photo booth. While Star is enamored with the photo booth, Tom leaves to get some pie. Star then drags Marco into the photo booth to take pictures. However, Star is unsatisfied with the outcome and forces Marco to redo all of their pictures until they are perfect. After countless retakes, the photo booth breaks down and imprisons them inside. Then comes out a photo booth repair goblin named Ben Fotino, and informs them that the booth is magic and that they must take sincere photos for it to release them. Marco and Star then discuss how their relationship has been different ever since Star revealed that she had a crush on Marco and he did nothing about it. Marco releases them from the booth by finally taking sincere photos which ultimately lead to him kissing Star, leaving them both flabbergasted and dumbstruck. Star then gets a call from Pony, revealing that something is wrong with her.
54 19 "Bam Ui Pati!" March 31, 2018 474S-337
Ponyhead shuts herself away to watch the finale of her favorite Korean Drama.
"Tough Love" March 31, 2018 474S-338
Moon and Eclipsa travel to the Pigeon Kingdom upon learning that Meteora has been leaving a trail of destruction there. They eventually locate her and discover that she is now a huge monster as result of feeding on the souls of locals. Eclipsa convinces Moon to allow her to talk to her daughter and the two share a happy reunion. That is until Meteora demands the throne of Mewni, which Eclipsa is forced to deny. With negations having broken down, Moon and Meteora fight each other. Just as Meteora was about to win, Eclipsa declares her love for her daughter, distracting her long enough for Moon to reverse the situation. However, Eclipsa once again intervenes, allowing Meteora to drain a part of Moon's soul. Moon and Meteora then both flee, leaving Eclipsa by herself.
55 20 "Divide" April 7, 2018 474S-339
With Moon missing, Star is made acting queen, but struggles with the responsibility. As Meteora heads towards the castle, Star sends Marco to hold her off while she looks for her mother. Marco forms a team composed of himself, Tom, Pony Head, Hekapoo, Talon and Kelly and attempt to trap her, but their plan fails and they are forced to flee with Meteora giving chase. Meanwhile, Star deduces that Moon is in the Realm of Magic and heads there. She eventually finds her mother, who has regained the other half of her soul, but suffers from amnesia due to the realm's influence. Star continuously tries to bring her home, but eventually succumbs to the realm's effects herself.
56 21 "Conquer" April 7, 2018 474S-341
Marco and his team once again try to trap Meteora, only for it to fail again. Everyone, with the exception of Tom, then has their soul drained. Meanwhile, the amnesiac Star and Moon fool around in the Realm of Magic, until the realm's ruler sends them away. Star then wakes up in her bed, with Moon still missing. As River holds off Meteora, Star and Tom try to reach the sanctuary to attempt to revive those who had their souls drained, but they are unable to access it. Tom proposes they flee to his realm, but seeing that Meteora has defeated River convinces Star that she must face her. She heads back to the castle and encounters Meteora, they fight and just as Star is about to be defeated, Eclipsa appears and takes her wand, turning into a paroles. She then defeats Meteora and regresses her back into a baby. As everyone's souls return, Star allows Eclipsa to keep her wand as she believes it should be hers. However, Eclipsa then flees with Meteora and Glossaryck, whose amnesia is revealed to have been just an act. They arrive at the monster temple, where they find Eclipsa's monster husband, Globgor, who has also been crystallized.

Season Four (2019)

No. in
No. in
Title Original
57 01 "Butterfly Follies" March 10, 2019 474S-401
Eclipsa is now the queen of Mewni, after Star willingly ceded the throne. Under her rule, the living conditions of the monster population have greatly improved and she has invested a huge amount of resources into unsuccessfully freeing Globgor from his imprisonment. However, the Mewmen parts of the kingdom have fallen into disrepair and the people blame the royal family for their situation. Star, River and Marco, meanwhile, have been searching for Moon, but to no avail. They receive a tip that she is at a local "Pie Festival", only for it to turn out to be yet another false lead. However, afterwards they discover that the pies from the festival were made using Moon's recipe, finally giving them a genuine clue.
58 02 "Escape from the Pie Folk" March 10, 2019 474S-403
Star, Marco, and River arrive at the home of the Pie Folk, only to immediately be captured. They are rescued by Foolduke and Ruberiot, who reveal the pie recipe they thought was Moon's has been with the Pie Folk for generations. Just as they were about to give up, they suddently find Moon, still suffering from amnesia, making these very pies for the Pie Folk. They are then confronted by the Pie King, who reveals Moon and Star's ancestor, Queen Festivia, to have been Pie Folk, making them part-Pie Folk themselves. Due to her amnesia, Moon initially opts to stay with the Pies, until she regains some of her memories after she and Star sing together. They then all escape by hot air balloon with Foolduke and Ruberiot, and Moon promises Star and River that everything will be okay.
59 03 "Moon Remembers" March 17, 2019 474S-405
Star, Marco and River return to the monster temple with Moon, whose memory still has not fully returned. Star convinces Marco and Eclipsa to keep her mother in the dark about Globgor, but she eventually discovers him anyway. Contrary to what they were expecting though, Moon claims to understand Eclipsa wanting him back and the two get along fine. Despite this, however, Moon still cannot get herself to trust Eclipsa and decides to leave with River, choosing not to oppose her rule out of respect for Star's decision to cede the throne to her.
"Swim Suit" March 17, 2019 474S-406
While preparing to go to the beach with Marco and Tom, Star is called by Eclipsa, who reveals she got into a fight with Magic High Commission member Rhombulus, who created Globgor's crystal prison, to get him to undo the spell. Star attempts to get the two to peacefully reconcile, only for them to immediately start fighting again as soon as she turns her back on them. Eclipsa uses a spell that causes her and Rhombulus to switch bodies in order to undo Globgor's prison. However, Star convinces her to stop by pointing out that she will just prove herself the villain everyone claims her to be. Afterwards, Rhombulus angrily leaves, declaring he will never free Globgor, and Marco and Tom, seeing it is too late to go to the beach, make a kiddie pool to cheer Star up.
60 04 "Ransomgram" March 17, 2019 474S-407
Star and Marco work together to rescue Marco's friend from a strange demon.
"Lake House Fever" March 17, 2019 474S-408
Star visits Tom at his lake house, they surf on the lava tides when suddenly a fire rain starts to fall preventing her from going back to Marco's family dinner. Star helps Tom's mom to make a demonade but she overfills the mixer and the demon fruit gets out of the mixer making little fire demons appear, while it happens star notices that Tom's mom behaves weirdly near her. Tom explains that she is scared that Star will hurt Tom again and that she knows that Star kissed Marco. Star gets mad that Tom didn't tell her about that and goes out of the hut. Tom runs to her and tells her that it's okay and he knows it was because of the goblin. Then a tide washes him into the lake. Star risks her life and she saves Tom. At the end Tom's mom takes the last photo of Star and Tom for the photo album and explains that the rain appeared because of her emotions.
61 05 "Yada Yada Berries" March 24, 2019 474S-410
After someone put Yada Yada Berries, which turn whomever eats them into stone, in Eclipsa's food, Star and Marco attempt to find the culpit. Their investigation eventually brings them to a merchant named Apothecary Sherry, who reveals a monster named Ruben bought some. However, they find he is not the culpit and go back to Sherry, but she turns herself to stone by drinking Yada Yada Berry Juice to avoid interrogation. Star then imprisons everyone who bought Yada Yada Berries from Sherry, all of whom happen to be Mewmans who distrust Eclipsa, but Eclipsa lets them all go, determined to earn their trust.
"Down by the River" March 24, 2019 474S-409
A Mewman family (the Maizleys) are forced out of their home, which was conquered from monsters, when Eclipsa returns it to the original owners. Meanwhile, Moon and River are trying to live a quiet life in the woods, until the Maizleys move in next to them. Moon is unable to put up with them and intends to force them out, only for them to leave on their own, as they are incapable of surviving in the wild. They then reveal that Moon had always done everything for them, causing her to change her mind and welcome the Maizleys. Later, another Mewman family arrives and Moon welcomes them as well.
62 06 "The Ponyhead Show!" March 24, 2019 474S-411
Star asks for Ponyhead's help to increase Eclipsa's popularity.
"Surviving the Spiderbites" March 24, 2019 474S-412
When Mewni receives a diplomatic visit from King and Queen Spiderbite from the Spiderbite Kingdom, Eclipsa is absent, forcing Star to take over. However, after being unimpressed by monster culture, Star accuses them of prejudice, until their daughter (Princess Penelope) is revealed to be in a relationship with one. They then reveal that their problem is not with monsters but Globgor, who they reveal ate their ancestor - Eclipsa's ex-husband King Shastacan. Star then finds Eclipsa, who puts the Spiderbites at ease by showing them Globgor's crystalized state. Afterwards, Eclipsa reveals she has been searching for pieces of the Book of Spells to restore it and use the knowledge inside to help the kingdom. Fearing she will instead use it to free Globgor, Star hides that she still has one piece in her possession.
63 07 "Out of Business" March 31, 2019 TBA
Star, Marco, and Janna attend the Closing Day sale at Quest Buy, but are easily overwhelmed with a crowd buying every last item available on their shelves. Janna poses as a Quest Buy employee and takes them through a restricted section where every shelf looks seemingly empty. Eventually the trio find what they need, but one of the Quest Buy sloths catches them and tells them saying he's simply waiting until their brains "turn to mush," meaning the items they have in hand are actually manifestations from their minds of what they really want can become real and other shoppers have obsessed over it many times they've been locked up in cages not willing to leave. They immediately leave with their manifested items and depart Quest Buy with bewildered expressions.
"Kelly's World" March 31, 2019 TBA
Marco visits Kelly at her house but is feeling down. Posing as a local Woolett, Marco decides to spend time around town with Kelly by heading to the local library to return one of her borrowed books. Along the way, Marco faces one misunderstanding after another with her town's customs and mannerisms. They arrive at the library but are too late on returning it in time resulting in Kelly being forced to have her hair cut off as punishment. Marco challenges the librarian to a fight to defend her, so the fight ensues. Marco and Kelly defeat her and her assistants easily with their combined teamwork and depart together as "breakup buddies" holding hands.
64 08 "Curse of the Blood Moon" March 31, 2019 TBA
Marco realizes he can no longer deny his feelings for Star and decides to confess. Star is revealed to also still have a crush on Marco, but Tom believes they are just under the effects of the "Curse of the Blood Moon", which eternally bonds their souls together. They then travel to the Underworld where they learn from Tom's great-grandfather, Relicor Lucitor, that the only way to break to curse is by using an artifact called the "Severance Stone", which is located deep in the Underworld. They eventually reach it, but it's revealed that, in order to break the curse, they will need to give up the memory of when they first developed feelings for each other. Despite some hesitation, Star and Marco go through with it anyway and they seemingly go back to just seeing each other as friends.
65 09 "Princess Quasar Caterpillar and the Magic Bell" April 7, 2019 TBA
After being sent back to the void by his new nemesis, Princess Quasar Caterpillar, Ludo realizes he has fallen into his old ways again. He is confronted by Dennis, Eagle, and Spider, who try to help him. Unfortunately for Ludo, this involves reuniting him with his former henchmen and rebuilding his old castle. When he hears Star's Wand is now in Eclipsa's possession, he finally snaps as he begins scheming on stealing it and openly tells Dennis he hates the castle. As a distraught Dennis turns to leave, he is confronted by the castle's landowner, who reveals he tricked him into rebuilding it for him. Realizing how Denis has tried to help him, Ludo steals the deed to the castle and continues the reconstruction with his brother, and their other siblings.
"Ghost of Butterfly Castle" April 7, 2019 TBA
Moon and River's home in the woods has grown into a small community, but the inhabitants constantly turn to Moon to solve their issues. Unable to keep up with everything, Moon goes to get her old ledger at Butterfly Castle, which is said to be haunted. Upon retrieving her ledger, Moon finds that what has been haunting the castle all along was actually Mina Loveberry. Mina reveals she has been trying to dethrone Eclipsa and was the one who put Yada Yada Berries in her food. Moon tries to convince her that she does not have to fight monsters anymore, but in Mina's eyes she will always be a soldier and Moon will always be a queen. Afterward, wanting to prove her wrong, Moon decides not to solve all her people's problems anymore and lets Mina be as she goes after Eclipsa.
66 10 "Cornball!" April 7, 2019 TBA
Star invites Buff Frog and his kids to attend a game of Cornball, hoping its players of both Mewmans and monsters can put aside their prejudice and properly integrate into the sport together. Buff Frog is not thrilled by this and finds out that Star only invited him as a way to have him return to Mewni. Star tries her best to have both sides play together as mixed teams, but it only escalates into a fight with spectators joining in as well. Unsatisfied, Buff Frog decides to leave along with his kids but then notices from behind the bleachers that his own kids as well as Mewman and monster children are having fun playing their own game of Cornball. Game announcers Marco and Kelly take notice of this, which alerts the attention of all the adults and begin to feel at ease seeing their children play together. Star and Buff Frog realize there may still be hope into proper integration.
"Meteora's Lesson" April 7, 2019 TBA
Eclipsa asks Janna to babysit Meteora while she is away. However, behind Janna's back, Glossaryck takes Meteora back through time with help from former Magic High Commission member Reynaldo the Bald Pate. Unfortunately, they go back too far and end up meeting the first Mewmen settlers of Mewni, who Glossaryck gifts the Royal Magic Wand to help them defend themselves. They then arrive at their actual destination, where they meet a younger Toffee building up his monster army. Toffee threatens to harm Glossaryck, causing Meteora to "dip down" and use her magic to fend him off. Having completed her lesson, Meteora and Glossaryck travel back to the present, with neither Janna nor Eclipsa having noticed they were ever gone.
67 11 "The Knight Shift" April 14, 2019 TBA
Star and Marco are forced to make an important decision regarding the future.
"Queen-Napped" April 14, 2019 TBA
Star and Marco work together to rescue Eclipsa after she is kidnapped.
68 12 "Junkin' Janna" April 14, 2019 TBA
Janna is intent on showing Tom how to have fun. She takes him out into a junkyard to retrieve an oversized knight's armored boot, but a crow snatches it. Although Tom refuses to harm the bird, the latter shows great strength by dropping it into the monster castle. Although Tom and Janna retrieve the boot back, the crow refuses to let them leave and shape-shifts into an oversized crow monster. Tom fights back, but is no match in defeating it so the two leave immediately without the boot. At the same time, Eclipsa and Star meet with the Magical High Commission and are informed by them that unknown magic is being used somewhere within monster castle, but have no clue who the culprit is. It is then revealed that the shape-shifting crow belongs to Mina Loveberry, who uses the armored boot to rebuild a full set of armor.
"A Spell with No Name" April 14, 2019 TBA
Star and Eclipsa join forces in order to defeat a lethal spell that has gone rogue after two of their spells collide into one another.
69 13 "A Boy and His DC-700XE" April 21, 2019 TBA
Marco and Tom go on a dragon-cycling adventure.
"The Monster and the Queen" April 21, 2019 TBA
Eclipsa has a date with Globgor.
70 14 "Cornonation" April 21, 2019 TBA
Star prepares a "cornonation" for Eclipsa, with both Monsters and Mewmans attending. As the ceremony is about to begin, Star discovers Globgor has escaped. Eclipsa warns everyone, but the Magic High Commission believe she was the one who freed him and arrest her. Star eventually finds Globgor running away from Mewni, believing his presence will only endanger his family. She convinces him to come back, but the High Commission attack him despite his claim of innocence. In the end, everyone realizes Globgor is just a concerned father after he saves Meteora, who got caught in the crossfire. Star then deduces that Rhombulus was the one who freed Globgor in a misguided attempt to prove he is evil. Rhombulus is arrested while Moon, who is amongst the attendees, tells the Mewmans that they need to stop following her and think for themselves. Everyone then finally accepts Eclipsa as their new queen.
71 15 "Doop-Doop" April 28, 2019 TBA
With Eclipsa and Globgor now ruling Mewni peacefully, Star announces her plans to travel abroad with Tom while Marco and Janna decide to return to Earth. Before leaving, Star goes around Mewni to say goodbye to everyone. While happy at first, Tom begins to suspect that Star is stalling, especially when she starts saying goodbye to people he has never met like Doop-Doop, her very first spell which she left abandoned in a shed. Star breaks down and reveals that she does not know what to do with herself and does not know if she wants to travel. Tom decides to give Star some space until she figures out her life. Star returns to the Diaz family where she meets Marco's newborn younger sister Mariposa.
"Britta's Tacos" April 28, 2019 TBA
Marco, Star and Mariposa go to Britta's Tacos so that Marco can punch out his card and earn a mystery prize. While there, the group catch up with many of their friends. Sensei and Oskar are shown to have become employees at the restaurant, which Janna has been banned from, while Principal Skeeves and Mr. C(r)andle show no ill will towards Marco, who earned his high school diploma early. StarFan13 is still obsessed with Star and still romantically ships Star with Marco, while Ferguson and Alfonzo have befriended a group of relatively attractive friends who are into D&D. Marco begins to dread Jackie Lynn's return as he felt that the relationship ended badly. When she finally shows up, she is still on good terms with him and she states that she still thinks he is great and suggests that Star is someone worth keeping, leaving Marco feeling good about himself.
72 16 "Beach Day" April 28, 2019 TBA
While watching TV, Star realizes that everything is lining up for the destined Beach Day. She and Marco head to the beach where they encounter various obstacles along the way. When they finally arrive, Star realizes that she left the camera and the Beach Day photo in the taxi and panics, but Marco suggests that they have fun anyway. While doing so, an old woman appears with a camera having taken their photo and assuming they were a couple. Star and Marco rejoice, but the former suddenly feels unfulfilled as she still does not feel happy. She visits Father Time who reveals that she herself left the photo with Father Time to give to her past self. Even though Star's happiest moment may have been fake, it gave her something to look forward to. Realizing how important Beach Day was supposed to be to her, she snaps a picture of the photo on her phone and leaves it with Father Time, so that he could give it to Star earlier.
"Gone Baby Gone" April 28, 2019 TBA
As Marco puts Meteora and Mariposa to bed, Hekapoo arrives and warns Marco against returning to Mewni due to some unspecified danger. However, she leaves the portal open and both babies crawl through. Marco and Star arrive in Hekapoo's dimension where they find that the two are now teenagers. Meteora and Mariposa capture the two and take them to see Wyscan the Granter so that he can give Mariposa magic powers of her own. She backs down at the last minute and she and Marco decide to fight Wyscan when he proves immune to Star and Meteora's magical powers. Afterwards, Marco finally proves to Mariposa that they are siblings and that he loves her. When Mariposa and Meteora decide that they want to stay in the dimension, Marco and Star convince them to come back for the food and he quietly puts them back to bed.
73 17 "Sad Teen Hotline" May 5, 2019 TBA
After returning from his trip, Tom tells Star that they should see other people. The sad moment is ruined when Tom attempts to return home and his portal will not work. Star attempts to open one for him, but she cannot do it either. Feeling that it is because they are sad, they try to calm themselves which is made stressful with the arrival of Marco's parents and some local police officers who will not stop giving input. Eventually, the two work out their stress, but Tom still cannot leave. Marco arrives and uses his dimensional scissors, but it does not work, forcing Tom to spend the night. Star rushes in and reveals that her communication device cannot pick up Moon or Ponyhead's devices, and she declares that they need to return to Mewni.
"Jannanigans" May 5, 2019 TBA
Star, Marco and Tom go see Janna as she was the only one to arrive on Mewni without a portal. The ever aloof Janna claims that she honestly does not remember how she ended up there, but that it was a "normal Thursday". She tries to recreate the events of the day during which Tom suggests to Marco that he is okay with him going out with Star again despite the Blood Curse being lifted. Janna, for the first time ever, displays actual stress of the constant pressure the group is putting on her. Feeling bad, they head to Britta's Tacos where Janna suddenly remembers what she did. She broke into the restaurant's back door and found an underground cave where a large mural of Mewni origin lies. They find a well that Star remembers she came out of with Moon and realize that this is their way into Mewni.
74 18 "Mama Star" May 5, 2019 TBA
The gang begin dropping things into the well to get the attention of Star's "unicorn daughter" while Marco examines the mural to learn that the first Mewmans were, in fact, regular humans. The unicorn rises out to tell them to stop, but Oskar offers his car to the group to venture down into the magic dimension. They force the unicorn to pull the car while they have the safety locks on so as not to get out when they lose their memories. Eventually, Tom blows the top of the car and Star and Marco find a new baby unicorn so as to "adopt" it into their "family" while Janna discovers dark baby unicorns. A full grown dark unicorn arrives and attacks them, forcing the original unicorn to use its last ounce of magic to send Star, Marco and Janna away.
"Ready, Aim, Fire" May 5, 2019 TBA
Marco awakens in the now ruined Butterfly castle to discover that the High Comission are working with Mina Loveberry, who has perfected her metal Solarian soldier to attack Monster Castle. Star awakens in Doop-Doop's shed and flies to the new Mewman kingdom to see Moon. She tells her that she plans to help Eclipsa and Globgor, despite Moon's pessimism. Janna awakens in Meteora's bedroom where Glossaryck tells her that Star is okay. Janna sees Globgor battle Mina in her Solarian battle armor and he is hit with a special blade that limits his powers. As Janna tends to him as well as the rest of the citizens under attack, Eclipsa proceeds to battle Mina. Mina begins beating down on Eclipsa as her bubble shield begins to crack under Mina's blade.
75 19 "The Right Way" May 12, 2019 TBA
Star arrives to save Eclipsa along with Ponyhead, Sea Horse, Kelly, Rich Pigeon, Jorby, Talon and Quirky Guy. They chase down the Solarian armor, but everyone, minus Star, is hit with the blade and put out of commission. Star summons enough energy to create a giant rainbow armor to combat the Solarian armor while Janna and Eclipsa collect explosives to use. Their plan fails so Eclipsa uses her spell with no name to destroy the armor and succeeds. Marco arrives to inform the group that they were not fighting Mina, but one of her soldiers. They look out to see a large army of Solarian battle armor.
"Here to Help" May 12, 2019 TBA
Everyone takes refuge in the castle while Mina times them with a rooster. Eclipsa is stressed and does not know what to do, so Moon, who arrived with River, informs her to get everyone to safety. Afterwards, she privately tells Eclipsa that she should surrender. Meanwhile, Star and Marco tend to the pig goats to talk and the two finally admit their feelings, followed by a kiss. When they return, they see Moon and Eclipsa locked in combat. Moon reveals that Mina is acting on her orders just as the rooster crows.
76 20 "Pizza Party" May 12, 2019 TBA
As Mina resolves to fulfill her oath to Queen Solaria to wipe out all monsters, Moon reveals she sided with her to prevent her from making matters worse and that she blames Eclipsa for everything that happened to her since the events of "Tough Love". Nonetheless, Eclipsa hands the kingdom back to Moon after she promises stop the army and to let her and her family go. However, Mina betrays Moon, being immune to her magic, and demands Globgor, Eclipsa and all other monsters as well as any monster sympathizers be taken and disposed of. Fortunately, River manages to sneak away with Globgor while Hekapoo, who snuck away from the other Magic High Commission members, rescues Star, Marco, Moon, Eclipsa and Meteora.
"The Tavern at the End of the Multiverse" May 12, 2019 TBA
Hekapoo takes the rescued to the Tavern at the End of the Multiverse to get away from magic. Eclipsa reveals that she knew that Moon planned Globgor's escape at her coronation and suggests that they either wait out Mewni's destruction or go back and fight. Janna and the injured warriors are still hiding when she witnesses Quirky Guy succumb to his wounds. River sneaks Globgor to the healing fountains. Star tells Marco that she hates magic and confronts Glossaryck, in his own realm. He reveals that Star's tapestry is finally finished, revealing that she successfully destroys magic. However, she is saddened to learn that Marco is not with her. Glossaryck tells her that once the magic is destroyed he will cease to exist and everyone returns home, including Marco. Star is devastated by the news, but returns to the tavern to tell Marco that she will destroy the magic.
77 21 "Cleaved" May 19, 2019 474S-441
With her decision to destroy all magic made, Star and Marco go to the dimension of magic to put her plan into action. It all comes down to this as the two best friends face their final conflict to put a stop to Mina and her Solarian warriors. However, this solution causes even greater problems on Mewni and other worlds of magic.

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