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"Starcrushed" is the thirty-fifth episode of the animated series, Star vs. the Forces of Evil. It premiered on February 27, 2017 and is the second season finale.


Hoping to help her forget about her strained friendship with Marco, Star's friends convince her to ditch the Diaz' end-of-the-school-year party for a more dangerous bash.


The Diaz House is holding an end of the school year party with many of the Echo Creek Academy students attending. Marco is nerve wracked from Star's princess song and is unable to enjoy the festivities. Jackie-Lynn approaches and tries to comfort him, though she thinks he is just embarrassed of his parents, and they head into the kitchen. Star comes down and sees the two and decides to act on talking to Marco directly. Jackie-Lynn wanders off so that the two of them can speak, but they have an incredibly awkward conversation and split. Star buckles and calls her friends; Pony Head, Janna, Kelly and StarFan 13; to come (though the latter was already there at the party). Star tells her friends about Ruberiot's song and, though Pony Head disbelieves Star's denial of having a crush on Marco, agrees to help get her mind off of it by going to another party. Meanwhile in Mewni, Moon and the Magic High Commission break into Ludo's hideout and take his wand and demand to know where Glossaryck and the Book are to which Ludo tells him that they are both gone.

Ludo explains that as soon as Glossaryck showed him a new spell in the book, he blacked out and later woke up to find both him and the book gone. He further explains that his wand no longer works and gives it back to Moon. The High Commission is annoyed as they no longer have any leads and leave. Moon however stops to talk to Ludo and tells him about his family and how they ruined his life. When Moon mentions Dennis, Ludo becomes solemn as she wants help him get better. Star and her friends go to a radically different party held on the roof of the convenience store. While everyone is having fun, Star is still unnerved until she runs into Oskar who got a new haircut; revealing his giant eyes. Back at the house, Marco and Jackie-Lynn are spending time together, but the former is not feeling himself and heads into the kitchen. Rafael deduces that something is wrong between Marco and Star and tells him to talk it out with her.

Star and Oskar talk about their personal lives with Oskar, misremembering Marco as "Mango", and all the things they did together. She agrees that they should hang out for the summer. Having accomplished a potential new friend, Star decides to make her way back to the Diaz House. Ludo is revealed to be possessed by Toffee who proceeds to make short work of Moon and the High Commission. Using the last ounce of his magic, Lekmet dies reviving Moon who takes the soulless bodies of the members and flees the temple with Toffee telling her that he is coming after Star. Star and Marco finally sit and talk about recent events and admit that while things are awkward, nothing will change between them because they are best friends. She tells him that she does not have a crush on him and they seemingly make peace with the issue.

Star goes back up to her room to find Moon there who tells her that they need to go back to Mewni. Star is upset as she wants to stay, but when Moon mentions that Toffee is back, she resigns herself, but asks for "two minutes". Star goes back down to the party and shouts for Marco, silencing everyone. She finally concedes that she does indeed have a crush on him, to everyone's shock (minus Pony Head), and that she will never see him again and runs back upstairs. Marco gives chase, but when he reaches her room, the entire loft begins to disappear, leaving an empty barren room and entire house silent.


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  • This is the fifth half hour-long episode in the series, following "St. Olga's Reform School for Wayward Princesses", "Storm the Castle", "Bon Bon the Birthday Clown" and "Face the Music".
  • This the first episode to not feature the closing theme. Instead, it is a still shot of the Diaz House, minus the loft. After a while, Oskar's keytar lands in front of the house, after having previously flung it away.
  • Star reveals to Marco that she has a crush on him.
  • Star leaves Earth, and her loft disappears from the Diaz Household.
  • This episode features the first actual on screen death. In this case, Lekmet is killed by Ludo/Toffee.
  • This episode features the first appearance of the Beach Day photo of Star and Marco. Its existence went unexplained until the events of "Beach Day".
  • Oskar misremembers Marco's name as Mango. This is unusual as he said his name properly in "Star on Wheels".
  • Grey Griffin is not credited for voicing Jackie in this episode.

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