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"Starstruck" is the first segment of the eighteenth episode of Star vs. the Forces of Evil. It premiered on August 8, 2016 alongside "Camping Trip", and is the first segment of the fifth episode in the second season.


When Star's biggest hero Mina Loveberry, a rogue magic-wielder from Mewni, loses her mojo for battle, Star attempts to help her get it back.


Star and Marco are hanging outside the donut place so that the former can get the leftovers they toss out. The donuts end up getting snagged by a crazy woman hiding in the dumpster who Star identifies as Mina Loveberry, a famous warrior from Mewni and her idol. Mina claims that she is "on vacation" and that she is letting "[her] soul be [her] guide and wander off into the depths of this unseen planet". Star is immediately awestruck by what she perceives as philosophical wisdom while Marco sees her for what she actually is: someone who has completely lost their mind from time. In order to help what she thinks is some kind of spiritual quest, Star directs Mina to a tall hill at the Echo Creek Park and demands that she be taken on as a pupil. Mina, in her psychotic and eccentric way, accepts her with Marco tagging along for their safety.

At the park, Mina and Star play in the mud pits with the former's lesson being that they need to not think. There shenanigans result in them sinking a woolly mammoth statue. Later, they go to the park where the girls cause a ruckus by stealing kids toys and playground equipment to make weapons with Marco sitting on the side and gaining sympathy from a young mother. While trying to get a hot dog, Mina learns from the other citizens that she is in America and that they practice total freedom through the process of voting. The situation leads into Mina committing arson to a hot dog stand, much to everyone's delight. Marco tries to talk some sense into Star by telling her not to follow her, but she resists.

After reaching the top of the hill, Mina practices a ritual for Star to be her "mud sister". She then tells Star her ultimate plan: to conquer the people of Earth and have Star rule over it. Star is taken aback by her idol's plan and refuses. The local citizens who were listening to the whole ordeal, demand to have a vote with the majority, Star included, ultimately choosing to go without a ruler. Offended at Star turning her back on her, Mina hops back into the dumpster and disappears. Marco comforts Star by suggesting they go to the back of the French restaurant to get leftover baguettes. Back on Mewni, Mina reflects on Star abandoning her.


Additional voices

  • Eric Bauza as Cowboy, Man With Cleft Chin
  • Dominic Bisignano as Hot Dog Vendor, Fat Police Officer
  • Mark Gagliardi as Echo Creek Mud Pits Tour Guide, Jogger, Thin Police Officer
  • Grey DeLisle as Kid on Swing, Unnamed Woman in Purple, Old Lady
  • John Infantino as Pete


  • Mina Loveberry's appearance loosely resembles Sailor Moon, who was also one of Daron Nefcy's inspirations for Star Butterfly.
  • If it is to be accepted that Mina had already lost her mind, it is then unknown how exactly she got to Earth and back to Mewni so fast.
  • Mina's obsession with Mewni patriotism foreshadows her eventual transformation into a villain.
  • Despite the constant magical happenings in Echo Creek, the police still have a hard time believing Star or the many occurrences.

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