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"Stayin' Cool" is the sixth episode of Mickey Mouse. It aired on July 19, 2013.


On the hottest day of the year, Mickey, Donald and Goofy try to keep cool.


It is a very hot day, so hot that the residents are suffering from the extreme heat. Mickey, Donald and Goofy are cooling down in a pool in the backyard of a mansion. However, it turns out that they have gone into the pool without permission, and the owner returns, catches them in the act and sics his guard dogs on the three. They run away from the premises and back into the oppressive heat.

Away from the mansion, Donald complains about the heat. Mickey, however, promises him that he will find a way to keep them cool. Donald tells him to hurry up because Goofy is not doing too good -- he is literally melting into a black puddle.

Mickey's first idea is to go into a car wash with his friends. At first, it works great with the cool water hitting them, but when the soap and scrubbing come next, not so much. The next idea to stay cool takes place at an airport. Mickey spins one of the propellers on the airplane, using it as a giant fan for him and his friends. It looks like it works at first, but the propeller starts to spin so fast that the three get their fur/feathers blown off, then their skin, eventually revealing their skeletons underneath. The final idea is hanging in a meat locker/freezer. The result is great at first, but when the butcher mistakes Donald for a piece of meat, he gets ready to carve him. Before he can swing his cleaver down, Donald reveals he is indeed living and not a piece of meat, which enrages the butcher and prompts him to chase the three out of his shop. Just as the butcher is about to catch them, Mickey spots a truck and hides in it with his friends.

Out of breath from running, Mickey turns on the light in the back of the truck. Once the light is on, it reveals that Mickey, Donald and Goofy are in the back of an ice cream truck's freezer. Outside, the ice cream man is about to hand some ice cream cones to some children. Inside, the three dance with joy inside the truck. In their excitement, however, the stick shift moves, causing the truck to drive away. When the ice cream man turns around, his truck is not there, and he freaks out.

Meanwhile, Mickey, Donald and Goofy are using the ice cream inside the truck to stay cool in many different ways, such as rubbing the ice cream on themselves and sitting on the freezers. They are blissfully unaware that the truck is moving. The truck from the outside twists and turns down the road and hills while the three inside are having an ice cream fight (similar to a snowball fight).

Suddenly, the truck hits a bump, knocking the trio on the floor. Mickey starts questioning who is driving the truck. Mickey, Donald and Goofy freak out when they notice that the driver's seat is empty. The truck goes flying off a hill and into the sky due to its speed, as Mickey, Donald and Goofy watch in terror and scream their heads off.

The truck lands safely on a fire hydrant as everyone in town gathers around it. The hydrant bursts and the truck starts to fill up so much water that it spews out of the top of the truck like a fountain while shooting Mickey, Donald and Goofy out of the truck, turning into ice and shooting out ice cream cones, bars, popsicles and all other kinds of frozen treats, which land into the hands of everyone in town.

Because of the temperature, the ground turns to ice, and it even starts to snow, turning the hot, tacky neighborhood into a frozen winter wonderland. Mickey, Donald and Goofy pop out of three snowmen and enjoy some ice cream together, with their wish of staying cool finally having become a reality. But as everyone enjoys the winter wonderland, Donald now complains that he is freezing.





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