"Steak Night" is the second segment of the first episode of Big City Greens.


The Green's traditional Steak Night is threatened when Cricket accidentally leaves the steaks behind on the subway.


The Green family return from shopping at Wholesome Foods for their annual family steak night. Cricket asks to hold the packaged steaks himself and Bill reluctantly agrees. With it getting late, the family decide to take the subway much to Gramma Alice's chagrin. Cricket and Tilly "show" the bag of steaks around the subway with the latter befriending a family of rats where she interprets their squeaks for wanting her to be their leader. Cricket is later distracted by a street dancer doing the robot. Cricket begins seeing him as a threat, but Bill calls him over once their train arrives. As they move out of the station, Cricket realizes to his horror that he left the steaks behind.

As Bill, Tilly and Alice plan out how to have their steaks, Cricket breaks and reveals that he left them behind. As they are unable to afford more steaks, Cricket suggests just heading back to the previous station. Bill tries to stop him, but is too late as Cricket leaves. The family race to the next train, but Bill ends up losing more of their groceries in the process. When they reach the train to get back, it suddenly stops due to a "mysterious package" that was found at 5th Street Station. Upset, Bill tells Cricket that he has done enough and to just forget about it. As Cricket wallows in self-pity, Tilly comforts him by saying how he never gives up on family. With her help, Cricket sneaks out of the train though the emergency exit.

Cricket manages to make it back to the station, but discovers that the package of steaks is about to be snatched by a couple of bomb squad agents and their robot. Cricket snatches the package with the robot in pursuit. As Cricket and the robot fight over the package on the train tracks, the rest of the family try to lift him up, but Cricket refuses to drop the steaks as they are the "heart of steak night", but Bill tells him that is wrong and that it is about family. Cricket finally lets go and the robot is run over by a train. Cricket apologizes for his behavior and Bill forgives him. Having lost the steaks, Bill suggests take out and that from now on they should just take the bus.



  • This is the first appearance of the grocery store chain Wholesome Foods whose name is clearly a reference to the Austin based Whole Foods Market grocery store chain.
  • Animal names: Winda, Alfred and Crazy Dave the Rats.

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