The Steamer Captain is the captain of a ship called Carmen and a supporting character in Disney's Around the World in 80 Days.

Role in the film

The Steamer Captain is first seen recognizing Phileas Fogg on his ship called Carmen after Monique La Roche mentions his name in their discussion with Passepartout concerning the number of days left for him to complete his journey around the world in 80 days to win a bet against Fogg's enemy, Lord Kelvin on their seventy-third day in the Atlantic Ocean. The captain is honored by Fogg's presence. He tells them that he's bet a lot on him nevertheless, his wife's not too happy then again, she hasn't been happy since he was almost devoured by a shark once, which only bit off his nipples with one bite.

A few hours later, the captain regretfully informs Fogg and his friends that he and his crew have burned the last of their coal but tries to soothe the blow when he says that he and his men have agreed to burn their shoes instead. Fogg is confident but even shoes cannot help him and his friends with their journey.

When Fogg notices birds in the sky, he suddenly has the idea of creating his very first flying machine thanks to his and the Wright brothers' (whom he met somewhere in the desert a few days ago) plans, to which the captain at first mistook to burn birds instead when Fogg said: "Birds." Because the captain and the crew care about Phileas Fogg so much, they agree to help him with his plan. When Fogg states that he must dismantle the captain's ship to build the machine, the captain refuses. But when Fogg promises the captain that after he wins his bet, he will direct him to a doctor who can replace his nipples and give enough money to buy a new boat, the captain replies: "You had me at the nipples." and starts building the ship along with his men. During the procedure, the captain feels a bit uncomfortable about the damage caused on his ship but as long as it leads to having his nipples replaced and given enough money for a new boat, he is otherwise confident and sure of himself.

On the final eightieth day, after completing the flying machine and the catapult set to launch Phileas and his friends in the air, the captain and his crew cheer for him. After Phileas and his friends are launched in the air and successfully flying, the captain and his crew cheer even more as the captain wonders "how the hell are we getting back?"

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