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This article is about the former Disney California Adventure attraction. For the "Mary Poppins" song, see Step in Time.

"Steps in Time" was a short-lived live stage show that ran at the Hollywood Pictures Backlot at Disney California Adventure. It was an opening day attraction prior to its closure on October 2001.


Steps in Time was an opening day show which performed at the Hyperion Theater at Disney California Adventure. Prior to the show opening in California Adventure, it received negative reviews from preview audiences, so Disney executives quickly received funds to rework the show. Despite the improvements which were performed on Disney California Adventure, the show did not achieve an improved reception from the audience and became a failure in California Adventure, which led to the attraction being closed on October 14, 2001 and later being replaced by "The Power of Blast!".

Show summary

The story began with two brothers disagreeing with each other in watching cartoons. During their disagreement, their parents (only seen as animated shadows) scold their son for being unkind to his brother. All of a sudden, a Fairy Godmother, appears and approaches the brother and tells her to know what his dream is to which as the older brother tells him that he has no dream, the Fairy Godmother tells him that it all starts with a wish, beginning the musical number "A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes" from Cinderella alongside a backup choir. After the song, the Fairy Godmother tells the older brother to know what his wish is to which he replies to her that his wish have some respect to which the Fairy Godmother tells him to know what makes him sure of that in which she thinks he has amazing talents. She then takes the older brother to a journey through a land of magical dreams to show how special he is to which the musical number "I Wan'na Be Like You" from The Jungle Book begins while clips from various Disney animated films play on the left and right cameras on the top screen.

The Fairy Godmother then tells the older brother that he believes in himself after singing the musical number to which she tells him to close his eyes and feel the wish in himself to which the musical number "A Whole New World" starts to show him a world of possibilities around him where a showcase of animated landscapes play on the camera in the background. After the song, the older brother complains about him being told by his mother to which the Fairy Godmother to tells him to get used to it. To tell him to think of happy thoughts, she tells him to think of what is like under the sea to which the song "Under the Sea" from The Little Mermaid begins while the animated clips of Disney films set underwater play in the background while the older brother finds his little brother.

As the two get into a fight, the Fairy Godmother prevents them from fighting as the two tell themselves that they are brothers just as she tells them that when they have families on their side, their worries will become smaller with no more worries just before a snippet of "Nants Ingonyama" begins followed by a remixed cover of "Hakuna Matata" from The Lion King playing. As the older brother reconciles with his little brother, the song "Go the Distance" from Hercules plays as the older brother is taught how to keep up with his little brother so he can get along with him. After the song, the older brother tells the Fairy Godmother that his dream doesn't want to end just as he remembers that greatness is the nobility of the heart just as the brothers are transported on a couch to bring in a remixed version of "Step in Time" from Mary Poppins presented by performers dancing in a manner similar to the Chimney Sweeps from the song just as a medley of Disney songs plays in the background before a reprise of "Step in Time" begins just before the show ends.

Show Soundtrack

The following songs in "Steps in Time" consisted of the songs presented in order:

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