Steve Ellinger is the main antagonist of Disney's My Date with the President's Daughter.

Role in the film

After Hallie has a fight with Duncan, Steve rides by on his motorcycle and tells her that she shouldn't be with a little boy like Duncan but with a man like him and offers to take her to a party that he and his roommates are having at his house, which she accepts. At Steve's house, Steve and Hallie dance, at the point where Steve tries to make out with her, which she tells him to stop because it's a little too far and he stops and continues dancing with her but tries to make out with her again, which makes her tell him to stop and to take her home but he tells her that he'll take her home later when he's ready so she tells him that she'll walk home and tries to leave. He follows her outside and grabs her by the arm, trying to force her to come back inside as Duncan rides up on a scooter and fights Steve and Hallie tries to help Duncan by jumping on Steve and telling Steve to leave Duncan alone in which Steve hits her to the ground and tells her to stay out of the fight when Duncan finally punches Steve across the face, knocking him out on the ground and Hallie pushes Steve's motorcycle into a bunch of trash cans destroying it and then she flips him a bird calling him a loser and leaves with Duncan to which Duncan replies sarcastically: "CATCH YA LATER STEVEARENO!"


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