Steve Walker is one of the main protagonists in Disney's 1968 live-action film, Blackbeard's Ghost. He is the new track coach of the Godolphin students.

Role in the film

Steve is first seen driving late at night since 5 in the morning while searching for directions on signs for his way to Godolphin so as to become the new track coach of the Godolphin college students.

On the way, at a gas station, he meets Grudger, a young Godolphin college student working there. Knowing he is on his way to the famous Blackbeard's Inn for the night, Steve allows Grudger to come along with him in his car.

Once they get closer to the Inn, Grudger tells Steve that the owners are actually descendants of Blackbeard's crew known as the Daughters of the Buccaneers. When Steve tries to park his car, his space is taken by a tough mob boss named Silky Seymour along with his thugs. When Steve tries to have a word with Silky, Grudger holds him back; warning him about his job and not to mess with him at all.

At the inn, Grudger introduces Steve to Dean Wheaton from the Godolphin college. Steve later meets and immediately falls in love with a college professor named Jo Anne Baker. At first, he mistakes her for the woman men are supposed to kiss for $1.


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