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"Stonehenge Your Bets" is the sixth episode of Legend of the Three Caballeros. It premiered on June 9, 2018 on the DisneyLife app in the Philippines and premiered on Disney XD in the United States on September 11, 2021[1].


The Caballeros head to Stonehenge, which is the secret portal to Goblin Town. Once inside, the new Goblin King Felldrake sentences them to Goblin Jail and then demands that the goblins go to war. When their weapons prove unsatisfactory, Felldrake unleashes an unstoppable war beast. The Caballeros must recover Xandra's book and escape Goblin Jail before the beast reaches the portal back to Earth.


Arriving at a gift shop at Stonehenge, José Carioca asks Xandra why she teleported the Caballeros here to which she explains that Lord Felldrake is at Stonehenge doing an evil scheme. Xandra and the Caballeros are given a tour around Stonehenge at Salisbury, England as Donald feels grumpy about his relationship with Daisy at Chez Quackmore, much to Xandra telling him to calm down since saving the world was more important than dating with Daisy while Panchito tells his friends that he is trying to watch his favorite telenovela, "Guerra de Amor" on his phone as Xandra and José react to the series in awe upon seeing the telenovela where the character Gustavo falls in love with his love interest Quintana to which the tour guide suddenly stops at the Stonehenge area where Xandra and the Caballeros arrive there, explaining to the three that Stonehenge is a magic gateway to a lost kingdom of goblins as Xandra explains that the original Caballeros sealed them away to prevent a war occurring across Earth. She explains to the Three Caballeros that they left the goblins without a king, believing it would be easier to face them as Xandra directs the three to Goblin Town. As Xandra teleports the Caballeros to Goblin Town, goblin soldiers arrive and surround the Caballeros believing they are a threat to them. The Caballeros are then taken to a lair where a goblin soldier tells the group to bow to the Goblin King which is actually Baron Von Sheldgoose and his ancestor Lord Felldrake the Terrible leading them.

Bowing to the villain, it is then known that the goblins want a war against the Caballeros as Felldrake leads the goblins to take war against Earth as part of Felldrake's evil plans. One of the goblins, Worm, approaches Felldrake to give him the atlas to which he grabs it from a goblin bodyguard as Xandra tries to grab the atlas but fails to as Felldrake tasks Worm to take Xandra away while tasking the goblins to send the Caballeros to Goblin Jail. The goblin soldiers send the Caballeros to Goblin Jail as the Goblin Judge tells the Caballeros to know if they are guilty or not to which as José and Panchito claim themselves not to be guilty, the Goblin Jury sing to them that they find the defendants guilty as Worm sends the Caballeros to Goblin Jail, bringing them to their cell. Meanwhile, the Goblin Jailer tells Worm to sort the stuff out with the Caballeros in their cell. However, Worm becomes distracted upon picking up the magic mirror where he faces April, May, and June instead of following the Jailer's orders to which before getting his wish granted, Worm is tasked to take the nieces to Donald Duck.

Meanwhile, Felldrake talks to the goblins to demand him their ultimate weapon to which a goblin soldier tells him to try the Flaming Catabog, the Thunder Screw, or a hamster instead of the goblins' ultimate weapon to which Felldrake denies. Felldrake then demands the goblins to give him the ultimate weapon: the Baydoodior, the most destructive monster the goblins have ever seen as Sheldgoose promises to not use it again. Before planning to leave, Felldrake asks the goblins to know where the ultimate weapon is at to which they tell Felldrake and his descendant that it is at a hidden room where it is sealed inside a chest.

Back at Goblin Jail, José tells the Caballeros to think rather than just pretending to be sick so they can be taken to the hospital to which as the goblins and the Caballeros are discussing, the Goblin Jailer arrives and silences them to which upon seeing the key, Panchito and José are talking noisily and distracting the goblin prisoners and as Donald goes berserk, the Goblin Jailer opens their cell and tells them to break the conversation believing it is suspicious behavior in jail. Donald, José, and Panchito get the key from the Jailer and lock him up in the cell as he becomes worried that the prisoners have escaped just as Worm arrives at the spot where Donald would be at only to find the Jailer locked up instead as Worm continues finding Donald.

Meanwhile, Sheldgoose, Felldrake, and Leopold have found a scroll giving instructions of how to summon the ultimate weapon, the War Beast, Baydoodior. Sheldgoose uses the scroll to summon the War Beast, Baydoodior, much to the other goblins' shock. Suddenly, the War Beast, Baydoodior, is summoned, much to Felldrake's evil plans as the Baydoodior starts causing destruction across Goblin Town as the plan also breaks Felldrake's promise to the goblins.

Having escaped from Goblin Jail, the Caballeros plans to find Xandra without getting caught by the guards to which believing the goblin soldiers are trying to arrest them, it is then revealed that they are after the Baydoodior. Upon hearing the War Beast, Baydoodior, approaching, the Caballeros run in panic as Felldrake tells the War Beast to destroy Goblin Town as it is found out that Felldrake betrayed the goblins. Seeing Baydoodior from a distance, Worm approaches Donald who believes that he is the one he is looking for to which Worm gives the mirror to Donald who faces Daisy's nieces to know if he bought any souvenirs from Stonehenge to which Panchito explains that Xandra sent them to Goblin Jail to find Felldrake and defeat him. Seeing the War Beast attacking Goblin Town, Worm notices that he saw the Baydoodior destroying the town to which José and Panchito are planning to stop the War Beast from destroying the town by finding the golden atlas to which Worm leads the Caballeros to the spot where the golden atlas is at, only to be guarded by a goblin bodyguard, Vlorp. Donald, José, and Panchito tackle with Vlorp to which as Worm approaches him, he asks them to give him the Caballeros the atlas as a plan to save Goblin Town to which Vlorp denies, explaining that no one can save him. Worm requests him about his battle sack, to which he accepts and allows Worm to get the atlas. Finally freed from the atlas, Xandra punches Vlorp whom she confuses for Felldrake. Seeing Xandra around them, the Caballeros explain to them that Felldrake trapped her in the book as well as their moments being sent to Goblin Jail followed by the Caballeros introducing Worm her, explaining that he helped the three. Seeing the Baydoodior from a distance, it is revealed that Felldrake was planning to summon the Baydoodior to destroy Goblin Town. Looking at the illustration of the Baydoodior, it is revealed that the War Beast is a living war and thrives on conflict to which according to the atlas, the only way to destroy the Baydoodior is to destroy its heart as Xandra and the Caballeros plan to face the Baydoodior.

Facing the Baydoodior, the goblin soldiers strike at the War Beast but their arrows and weapons are ineffective on other parts as Xandra commands the goblins to aim the heart, the Baydoodior's weakness. Sheldgoose later discusses with Felldrake who understands that the Baydoodior feeds on aggression, making it tougher and nearly impossible to defeat as it can easily detect various sorts of aggression such as rebellious fighting and arguments. The Baydoodior then hits Felldrake and his henchmen to which it later hears the tourists arguing outside Goblin Town as it plans to go after the couple arguing to which Felldrake becomes confronted by Xandra and the Caballeros.

Seeing Felldrake arguing with his descendant, the Baydoodior approaches the two and as it goes nearer, Panchito, José, and Donald plan to distract the Baydoodior to get its attention to which instead of attacking the Baydoodior's heart, they plan to "break" Donald's heart. Upon distracting the War Beast, the goblins watch the argument between the Caballeros and Xandra for entertainment as the four apologize to each other, the Baydoodior starts to react to their remorseful apologies as it core starts weakening, followed by Sheldgoose apologizing to his descendant and Leopold the Horrible while Worm calls everyone for a group hug as the Baydoodior starts weakening as it is revealed that the Baydoodior is weak to anyone feeling sad. After Donald puts himself in harmony alongside everyone else, the War Beast, Baydoodior, starts to explode as it becomes overwhelmed upon seeing everyone in peace and harmony as the War Beast gets destroyed peacefully.

After the Baydoodior explodes, Worm congratulates the Caballeros defeating the War Beast and for saving Goblin Town as the Goblin Jailer apologizes to the Caballeros clearing out their bad reputation as he praises the three for saving the kingdom. José asks the Jailer that Worm is the one who helped defeat the monster as Xandra tanks him for his bravery. Worm then explains to the group that "Worm" isn't his real name as he decides to be called "Vomit" as his real name from now on. Later, Vomit is crowned as the new Goblin King as the goblins celebrate the coronation of King Vomit as well as their victory as they paise the Caballeros and Xandra for saving their kingdom. Suddenly, Felldrake then plans to look for a power that will allow him to move by himself as he plans to take revenge against the Caballeros.

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  • Lucifer, in a monstrous green form, makes a cameo when the goblins demonstrate their flaming cat-apult.
  • One of the goblins, King Vomit, bears a resemblance to Creeper from The Black Cauldron.



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