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Storm (real name Ororo Munroe) is a mutant with the ability to control the weather and the field leader of the X-Men. She appears in Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers.

Storm was created by Len Wein and Dave Cockrum.


Storm is a white-haired Black woman with a matching eye color. She wears very revealing forms.

Film Appearances

Deadpool 2

Storm, along with a few other members of the X-Men appear in a brief cameo. They can be seen conversing in another room, while Wade is in the X-Mansion, complaining the studio hasn't allowed them to bring in one of the more well-known members of the team.

Television Appearances

Ultimate Spider-Man

In the episode "Electro", a Daily Bugle news crawl mentions that Storm has been quoted as saying she had nothing to do with Electro's lightning attacks on New York City.

Powers and abilities

Storm is a mutant with powers to control the weather and all of its elements included, such as wind, ice, fog, and lightning. She is one of the strongest mutants to ever appear in the franchise, but she still has her powers in training.

  • Weather Manipulation: Storm's mutant power allows her to have control and contact with the weather, changing it quickly and easily. She initially used her powers with very little intensity, just to steal, but nowadays she is already training her skills at the Xavier Institute. Through his powers, Storm leaves his eyes white, being able to see through meteorological events, being able to see what has the front of clouds, fog, and even darkness.
  • Flight: Storm is capable of flying. She demonstrated that she can fly while using other powers, as in her battle against the aliens in X Men: Black Phoenix, flying under the train while shooting lightning and gusts of wind.
  • Wind Manipulation: Storm is able to create and control wind through its meteorological powers. She used this power a lot to steal, to push enemies away with blows of air, and even lift and move objects and living beings from places in the wind. In her battle against the aliens, she created a strong blast of air that hurled them into the last car of the train.
  • Electrokinesis: Storm can generate and control electrical energy, using this power in combat to fire strong electrical beams at its targets. She also proves to be able to absorb electricity. Storm can also generate multiple lightning bolts at once through storm clouds.
  • Ice Manipulation: Storm can generate ice and snow-laden gusts of wind. At the forest party, she was making ice for drinks. In her battle against Magneto's mutants, she tried to overwhelm them with dense snowy winds.


  • In films, Janet Jackson and Angela Bassett turned down the role of Storm.
  • In the Marvel comics and other animated TV shows, Storm is claustrophobic (a fear of confined spaces).


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