StormRider was a large-scale motion simulator attraction at Tokyo DisneySea in Japan. It opened on September 4, 2001 together with the park. The attraction is similar to Star Tours at the Tokyo Disneyland. In the attraction, guests fly into the center of a storm aboard a StormRider, a flying weather laboratory. But a storm diffuser gets hit by a thunderbolt and flies out of control.


Early concept art for Port Discovery's simulator attraction called for a fanciful submarine race called the "Under the Sea Grand Prix", before the weather theme was selected.

Though the attraction was reasonably popular when it opened, the film aged with time and the OLC desired a simulator attraction with a lower height requirement that could be a stronger family draw. New show concepts included a "Stormrider 2", an Incredibles attraction, or a Nemo attraction, which was selected to keep with the park's oceanographic themes.[1]

On May 19, 2015 it was announced that StormRider would be replaced by a simulator known as Nemo & Friends SeaRider, based on Finding Dory with the attraction's closure taking place on May 16, 2016.[2]



A cast member briefs you on your mission. There is a big storm and you are to deploy a "Fuse" (a storm-dissipating device) into the eye of the storm in a StormRider. The cast member gives a brief demonstration of the Fuse, and says that you will be safe from the Fuse, as you will be miles away by the time it goes off. You are then ushered into a flight simulator similar to that of Star Tours.


With its copper roofs and mechanical devices, the attraction building—the "Center for Weather Control"—is themed to a futuristic, almost Victorian era, laboratory. Guests enter a motion simulator (a "StormRider") and are dispatched into a storm to deliver a storm-dissipating device called a "Fuse". The ride is explained in Japanese, with English subtitles on an LCD screen. During the ride, problems are encountered while trying to transport the Fuse.



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