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"Stranded in Space" is the first segment of the sixtieth episode of Miles from Tomorrowland. It premiered on October 23, 2017 alongside "Plant Transplant", and is the first segment of the sixth episode of the third season.


A distress call is heard from a stranded TTA starship. Meanwhile, on the Zenith, Zeno calls Captain Miles Callisto and M.E.R.C. to the mission room where they meet up with the rest of Mission Force One. Zeno plays the message and the team suits up for the mission, which is to find whoever sent it and rescue them.

The team approaches where the ship is and Miles tries to call it but he is out of Questcom range. Blodger magnifies the ship which is getting pulled into a star called a magnetar. Loretta points out that these kinds stars have a strong magnetic field which can knock the electronics in any ship and large gravitational fields that pull everything around them. According to Haruna's math, there is only twenty minutes until the starship burns up, and Miles decides to try and tow it away from the star and steers the Zenith close to ship. Blodger activates the grappling tether and hooks onto ship, but the team gets pulled into the magnetar as well. Miles puts the Zenith in reverse, but a piece of the ship breaks off and damages their ship's booster. Miles then tells M.E.R.C. and Miss Baker to help Mirandos with the repairs. With only fifteen minutes until the starship is pulled into the star, Miles has Haruna accompany him to the starship, while Loretta and Blodger stay on the bridge and protect the Zenith from getting damaged further from the asteroids.

When Miles and Haruna approach the starship Miles gets a signal from the voice of the person who sent the distress call and tells them he is trapped on the ships bridge. With six minutes until the ship is burned up Miles and Haruna head to the bridge. On their way to the bridge an asteroid is heading towards them, but Haruna uses his Super Punch to break it. Meanwhile, aboard the Zenith, Loretta and Blodger blast as many asteroids as they can to give Miles and Haruna more time. Back at the starship Miles and Haruna encounter Flash Pulses, which can knock out any kind of technology. While Miles and Haruna head for the bridge, two Flash Pulses start a chain reaction which sets them off but they use their Super Speed to avoid them all just in time. After activating their Grav Boots they enter the bridge and find the person who sent the call. After deactivating their Grav Boots, they see that person is a robot from Nemesystems. The robot explains to the two that Commander Nemex sent him to steal the ship, but when the magnetar pulled it in he got trapped. He also explained Nemex didn't think the robot was worth rescuing and left him. With three minutes left, Miles and Haruna decide to rescue the robot and take him to the Zenith, since he can not maneuver due his hover-feet not working.

Back on the Zenith, after Mirandos uses her Soildizer Gloves to make a new booster module. Miss Baker uses the laser in her tail to weld it into place as Mirandos calls Loretta, they are worried about Miles and Haruna. The two carried the robot safely out of the ship but are being pull back by the magnetar and they do not have enough power. The robot helps them by engaging his booster pack. Loretta and Mirandos are glad they made out. Mirandos was shocked to see a Nemesystems robot with them and thinks they are being kidnapped, but Miles promises that they will explain about the robot and Loretta blasts off away from the star. After Mirandos repairs the robot's hover feet, he is grateful and surprised that Mission Force One would help. He then realizes Nemex is not really his friend. After revealing his name to be Unit ZB33287, Miles decides to rename him Zeeb which he likes. Miles then explains to Zeeb that the reason they saved him is that the Tomorrowland Transit Authority is about connecting the universe and helping anyone in danger is part of it. Mission Force One then decides that Zeeb would be perfect for the TTA and Mirandos creates a TTA badge to make it official and Zeeb feels good about it.



  • Zeeb reforms and becomes part of the TTA.


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