Stumpy is a supporting character in the 2019 series Amphibia



Stumpy is a hard working individual. He always speaks bluntly about himself and those around him. After years of running his diner, he began to lose interest and took on a listless attitude towards everything. When Anne came around to help spruce up the place, he became more passionate and helpful and began to take pride in his business once again. Stumpy is also a tough individual and will jump into action when he is needed.

Physical appearance

Stumpy is slightly bigger than most frogs. He is a grey-blue color with light green tongue and sharp bottom teeth that slightly stick out. The bottom of his chin is frilly to give the appearance of a beard. He has pale yellow eyes, like the other frogs, and most notably has scars all over his body.

Stumpy wears burgundy pants and a brownish-white tank top and apron, both of which are splattered with stains from cooking. He wears one black boot while his other foot is a peg leg. He is also adorned in a chef's hat and has a grasshopper leg in his mouth to mimic a toothpick. His most distinguishing feature are the two metal stumps where his hands should be, one of which has a belt used to tie it down. On the metal stumps are his tools which he can interchange.


  • Cooking: Stumpy's main talent is cooking. He is apparently adept to the point that he was able to make Amphibian-Thai fusion once he was familiar with the ingredients.
  • Self-defense: As his stumps can be fitted with different things, he has shown to be capable of using them to attach weapons to fight with.


  • He keeps a garbage lizard outside his restaurant which he amusingly quips when Anne finds herself being chased by it.
  • The various tools that he has had on his hand stumps include a spatula, butcher's knife, feather dusters, a serving pan, a meat mallet and a hammer.
  • It is possibly that Stumpy is not his real name and simply a nickname he received from the stumps on his hands.


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