Susan "Sue" Rose (born July 2, 1954) is an American television animator, producer and writer. She is best known for co-creating the character Fido Dido with Joanna Ferrone. Fido Dido is an animated character that was used in PepsiCo products and CBS's Saturday morning children's schedule in the early 1990s. The character's popularity led her to work in the children's television industry, on series such as Angela Anaconda, Pepper Ann and Unfabulous.

Rose was born on July 2, 1954, in Topeka, Kansas, the middle of three children. Her French-American mother, Eleanor Rose (née Sinclair), worked as a schoolteacher, and her Irish-American father, Burton "Burt" Rose, was a sharecropper. Rose attended Topeka High School from 1968 to 1972, where she excelled in literature and art classes. After graduating, she attended Northwestern University, where she pursued but did not complete a degree in communication studies.


  • Rose sneaks an image of Fido Dido into the background of every episode of every show she has worked on for Fido fans.
  • Rose married Brian Davis, in 1988.