"Summer Schooled" is the forty-eighth episode of Bizaardvark. It premiered on August 9, 2018.


Frankie learns she didn’t pass chemistry and will have to attend summer school.


Frankie learns she did not pass her chemistry class and will need to attend summer school. Paige, who has a vivid imagination, becomes suspicious when she learns that Principal Karen is filling in as the chemistry teacher. Paige concludes that the class is fake and part of a plan by Principal Karen to convince Frankie that she should be a starring member of Bizaardvark. Frankie starts to believe Paige's suspicions, so the two devise a plan to choose Principal Karen as the third member of Bizaardvark, hoping to expose her fake class. However, the girls learn that the class is real, and Paige is then enrolled in summer school as well when Principal Karen realizes that she failed to turn in her final project. Meanwhile, Amelia and Bernie appear on Zane's unboxing channel, but they are upset when Zane decides not to post their footage, as he believes they lack the skills needed to make interesting unboxing videos. Amelia and Bernie fail Zane's training to become better unboxers, but he later injures his wrist and enlists them to star in his latest video, in which they wind up impressing him.

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