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Sundra is a character in the 2020 Disney/Pixar animated feature film, Onward. She is a cyclops who works as an employee for the Manticore's Tavern.


Sundra serves as the Manticore's Tavern's receptionist. She is kind to any customer she encounters. However, she also works in conjunction with Corey whenever there are problems in the tavern.

Role in the film

Sundra is first seen celebrating a young girl elf's birthday. When Ian and Barley enter and request her to meet the Manticore, a costumed Manticore appears instead. Barley requests her to meet Corey, the real Manticore the two elves are looking, causing the costumed Manticore to sigh sadly believing the two don't want to spend time with her. Later during a conversation between Corey and the elf brothers, Sundra tells Corey that a karaoke band's machine is broken to which the unhappy band known as "Squad" decides to give a very poor rating for a broken karaoke machine in the tavern. However, due to the brothers' despondency with Corey, Sundra and the other employees retreat from the burning tavern in evacuation. She is seen amongst the survivors outside the Manticore's Tavern during an interview with the police. It is unknown if Sundra was rehired back into the restaurant after it reopened.

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