Sunny is one of main characters in the 2015 film Strange Magic.

Strange Magic

Sunny is an elf who is best friends with the Fairy King's youngest daughter Dawn and is secretly in love with her but is unable to express his feelings. He later teams up with Roland, the ex-fiancé of Dawn's older sister Marianne to get a love potion that will make Marianne fall in love with Roland again and Dawn fall in love with Sunny.

Sunny goes off to the Dark Forest to find the Sugar Plum Fairy who is the only one that can make the potion but was imprisoned by the Bog King a long time ago. Sunny is helped by an imp to the Bog King's castle where the Sugar Plum Fairy is being held. After finding the Sugar Plum Fairy, Sunny makes a deal with her: she will make a love potion if he frees her. However after the potion is made, Sunny is discovered by the Bog King who recaptures the Sugar Plum Fairy but Sunny is able to escape.

Sunny plans to use the potion on Dawn at an open air festival that night, but the Bog King and his minions arrive and capture Dawn but end up spraying some of the potion in her face (which later causes her to fall in love with the Bog King) and the rest is stolen by the imp who wants to spread it everywhere. Sunny is able to get the potion back from the imp before meeting up with Roland and his army and they plan to give the potion to the Bog King in exchange for Dawn.

After the Bog King supposedly sacrifices himself to save Marianne and Dawn from his falling castle which was destroyed on Roland's orders, Sunny hugs Dawn, causing the effects of the potion to wear off Dawn and she falls in love with him instead.

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