"Sunny Side Up" is the second segment of the first episode of Milo Murphy's Law. It premiered on October 3, 2016 alongside "Going the Extra Milo".

On October 10, 2016, the episode was released on the Disney XD app alongside "Rooting for the Enemy".


At school, Milo's teacher, Mrs. Murawski, announces that they he and his class will be starting a new project on physics. Testing everything they have learnt about gravity, inertia and weight distribution. Over the weekend the class will be paired into teams of three and build a container that can protect a falling egg. The container will then be dropped from the school roof, and should the egg survive guarantees the team with an A. It does not take the class long to pair themselves into teams of three, leaving only Milo, Zack and Melissa.

Milo, Zack and Melissa decide to work on the project at Milo's house. Zack brings eight dozen eggs, but four dozen end up getting crushed by the front door when Milo opens it for Zack. However, Melissa has brought an even larger amount of eggs, enough to survive any mishaps. Soon the three of them begin work on designing and building their egg container, and with each one they make they test it by dropping it from a tree house. However all their ideas end up with their eggs getting broken. They try and basket being floated down by an umbrella, but goes up in ashes after being struck by lighting. They try a parachute but it goes up instead of down, a basket fitted with tennis balls, a propeller made of spoons, a hot air balloon that sets itself on fire, and a raw chicken that gets devoured by raccoons. After their last failed test, Melissa has come up with a brand new design for a container that should withstand anything and still keep the egg intact. Their latest container, dubbed "Big Bertha", is a sphere shaped roll-cage fitted with pillows, plungers, and a parachute. They test it out and it is a success. Big Bertha fell from the tree house and the egg remains intact. To keep their project safe from any unexpected jinx attacks, Zack will guard Big Bertha for the night while Melissa looks after the last egg.

The next day, Zack and Melissa arrive at school with Big Bertha and the egg. They find Milo already there waiting for them. Not wanting to risk losing the egg, Melissa tells Milo to keep his distance. He does just that, but just as Melissa brings out the egg Milo accidentally knocks down and huge model of a brain. It bounces across the classroom and knocks the egg out of Melissa's hand which falls to the ground smashed. Without an egg, Milo, Zack and Melissa cannot demonstrate their project. However, Milo just remembers that he still had one egg that he put in his pocket the other day.

The class gets together on the school roof and begin demonstrating their containers. While waiting for their turns, Milo and Zack inspect their container, making sure everything was set. With Bradly the team to beat, by a slight crack, it is now Milo, Zack and Melissa's turn. The boys get into position while at the same time everyone takes cover. Then on the count of three, Milo and Zack drop their container which falls fast for a moment until the parachute pops out. But just as it nears the ground a delivery truck strikes the container, causing it to fly towards the football field. The container survives the rough game of football and ends up in a polar bear water tank. It bounces in between cars on the highway, deflected by a windmill and ends up stuck in the landing skids of a helicopter. Through all this ruff and tumble, the Big Bertha remains intact and so does the egg. Then it finally falls fast from the helicopter. Coming in hot, it crashes into the delivery truck that is full of eggs. Egg yolk explodes everywhere but the egg in the now destroyed container remains intact. Team Milo is the winner.




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