"Super-Charged: Daisy's Grande Goal" is the second segment of the thirty-seventh episode of Mickey and the Roadster Racers.


On the beach, Mickey, Minnie, Daisy, Armanda and Cuckoo-Loca are playing soccer. Minnie tells Armanda how much she adores everything in Brazil, for it is all colorful and fun. She then kicks the ball so Armanda can score. Mickey tries to defend, but Armanda was too fast for him and Daisy, much to Daisy's annoyance. Cuckoo-Loca is goalie and tries to defend, but due to her size, the ball flattens her and Minnie and Armanda score a goal. Cuckoo-Loca kicks the ball back in. Mickey gets it, but Daisy steals. Then Armanda steals the ball from Daisy and scores another goal. Cuckoo-Loca suddenly regrets offering to play goalie. Minnie tells Armanda that she loves playing soccer, and that her moves were spectacular. Armanda tells Minnie that that last move was her "Sassy Caesar Kick". Daisy tries to get Minnie's attention from Armanda by doing what she calls her "Daisy Doodle Spinny Spinner", but ends up spinning right into the sand instead. Instead of being mad or upset, Armanda tells Daisy that she forgot how fun it was to play soccer with her. She goes to score another goal, and Daisy tries to stop her, but fails to do so. Cuckoo-Loca dodges the ball this time and announces that Armanda and Minnie won. Daisy says that Armanda always wins, but Armanda thinks not. Minnie tells Daisy that playing soccer keeps her on her toes, and that's when Mickey tells the gang that tomorrow they will be playing Roadster Soccer, also known as soccer in roadsters. Daisy thinks this is an opportunity to win. Armanda says that her team are a tough team to beat.

Tomorrow afternoon at the Brazil stadium, people are in cheering for the big game. Of course, Billy Beagle is there, explaining the game. He says that the teams will have to go in their roadsters and bop the ball into a goal, and the first team to three points wins. He then starts to introduce the teams. Team 1 are the Brazilian Butterflies, which are Armanda, Jose, El Chito, and Macho Pete. Team 2 are Team Mickey, which is Mickey, Donald, Daisy, and Minnie, with Cuckoo-Loca riding along. A helicopter then drops a giant soccer ball in the middle of the stadium. Daisy reminds the group that they were there to win. She emphasizes on "win", prompting Cuckoo-Loca to point out Daisy's desire to win. A sarcastic Minnie asks Cuckoo-Loca what makes her think that. Billy Beagle starts the game, and El Chito bops it. Mickey's open, but Daisy steals the ball, much to Mickey's frustration. Daisy goes for the goal, but Armanda bops it from Daisy and to Jose. Jose asks Donald if he was ready for him to score the first goal, which prompts Donald to say "No way, Jose!" He bops the ball away from Team Mickey's goal. Macho Pete tries to get it, but Mickey gets it before he does. Mickey heads for the Butterflies' goal, with Macho Pete on his tail, but Minnie and Cuckoo-Loca are on his tail. Daisy again steals the ball, much to Mickey's shock. Mickey tells Daisy that she's hogging the ball again, but she ignores it. Minnie and Cuckoo-Loca are wide open, but Daisy ignores them as well. She regrets it when Armanda steals. She passes to Macho Pete, but Mickey's on defense. However, Macho Pete flips over him. Mickey asks how Macho Pete did that, Macho Pete tells him that they are butterflies and they have wings. El Chito gets the ball, and Minnie and Cuckoo-Loca are there to grab the ball. However, Jose gets the ball, and passes to Armanda. Armanda then scores, causing the Brazilian Butterflies to get 1 point. Billy and Armanda call out "GOAL!"

Donald asks Daisy what happened in the game. Cuckoo-Loca reminds Daisy that they were a team, and Minnie adds that this was supposed to be fun. Daisy says that winning is more fun than losing, and that she would do whatever it takes to win. She zooms off. Minnie, Mickey, Donald and Cuckoo-Loca look at one another in confusion. Cuckoo-Loca says that she thought she was too wound-up. Daisy scores a goal, much to her merriment. Donald is about to score the next, but Daisy steals it. Mickey and Minnie continuously pass it to each other, but Daisy steals again and makes another goal. Mickey is about to make the third goal, but Daisy scoots Mickey out of the way, much to his frustration. However, Daisy is the one frustrated when Armanda steals and makes a goal. Billy tells the crowd that the teams are in a tie, and the next one to get a goal wins the game! Mickey tells the gang that it's tough, but he knows that they can get the last goal. Trying to get Daisy to realize her mistakes, Cuckoo-Loca tells the team that they might win, if someone could remember that they are on a team. However, Daisy doesn't see it's her, so she tells Minnie to pay attention to the game, and Donald to stop hogging the ball. The team is confused, and Daisy rushes off again.

Armanda asks Daisy if she thought the game was fun, but Daisy replies that it'll be fun winning the game. Armanda tells her cousin that winning isn't everything, and Daisy tells her that it was easy for her to say that because she always wins. However, before Armanda can reason with Daisy, the final round starts. Minnie is the first one to bop, but Daisy steals. Minnie tells her that that wasn't nice, but Daisy replies, "Neither is losing!" Jose steals the ball and tells the butterflies that it is time to do the Brazilian Butterfly Bop. Macho Pete tells Jose that they have never bopped in roadsters before, but Armanda assures him that that is the only way to score in time. They execute the moves which looks like a butterfly flapping its wing. Mickey, Minnie and Cuckoo-Loca are trying to stop them. Daisy tells Donald not to let the Butterflies score, but Jose activates a boot and the ball goes over Donald. Daisy is determined not to let Armanda win again, so she spins around her team... and Team Mickey, getting them all stuck together. Billy says that if this mess is't straightened out soon, it's game over. Cuckoo-Loca flies over to Daisy and asks what that was about. Daisy said that she got so charged up in winning. Cuckoo-Loca tells her to charge back in and fix her mess. Daisy hears the words "charge back in" and she activates her Snapdragon's full fury. She supercharges. She goes towards the pile of roadsters and presses a button. One by one, she lifts roadsters off of roadsters until they are all on the ground. Minnie says that she fixed the game. She tells everyone she's sorry and that she only wanted to beat Armanda. However, Armanda says that she had to practice to beat Daisy when they were kids. They hug and Daisy apologizes for ruining the game, but El Chito says that the game is not off, and Billy Beagle restarts the game. In the final game, Armanda chuckles as she kicks the ball. Daisy says that Armanda shouldn't get too excited, and Mickey and Minnie supercharge. They spin rapidly, confusing the Butterflies. They do their move again, and they manage to score against a super-charged goalie Donald.


  • Daisy Duck
  • Mickey Mouse
  • Minnie Mouse
  • Armanda Duck
  • Cuckoo-Loca
  • Donald Duck
  • El Chito
  • Jose
  • Macho Pete
  • Billy Beagle


  • This is the first episode where Daisy does her Supercharge all by herself.
  • Another variant of the roadster racers are shown; they are all red.


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