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Super RTL is a Cologne-based German television network, operated by RTL Disney Fernsehen GmbH & Co. KG., a joint-venture between Walt Disney Direct-to-Consumer & International and the RTL Group .


Super RTL originally launched on April 28, 1995, being the third German television channel aimed towards children (the first being the pan-european feed of Cartoon Network and followed on by Nickelodeon Germany's launch in June of that same year). The channel aired mostly children's programming during the daytime, while during the prime time, the channel airs reruns of older RTL shows or family-branded, inexpensive entertainment shows.

Since Disney co-owned the service, a lot of Disney's programmes aired on the channel, and until the launch of a German Disney Channel in 1999, it was the only dedicated channel to focus mainly on Disney programming. With the closure of Nickelodeon's German service in 1998, many of Nick's shows moved to Super RTL, around the time the channel began to air a more wide variety of third party shows. When Viacom relaunched Nickelodeon as a free-to-air network in 2005, Many of Nickelodeon programmes left Super RTL.

In 2000, pre-school shows would be broadcast under the "Toggolino" label. A year later, the rest of the children's programming would be broadcast under the Toggo label. Since 2019, Toggo, Toggolino and Super RTL (then renamed to Super RTL Primetime) are all treated seperately from each other on the network.

In 2012, The Walt Disney Company Germany purchased the free-to-air station Das Vierte and in April 2013, it was announced that the channel would become a free-to-air version of Disney Channel Germany, replacing the subscription formula it used to have. With this, Super RTL could no longer air Disney programming as they were also a free-to-air channel. The channel's rights to Disney's programming expired on January 4, 2014 and the new free-to-air version of Disney Channel launched on January 17, 2014. However, despite the loss of Disney programming, Disney continues to hold a stake in the station. Super RTL later signed deals with Warner Bros. International Television and DreamWorks Animation for their programming to be shown on the station to make up for the loss of Disney programming.

In 2016, RTL Disney Fernsehen GmbH & Co. KG launched Toggo Plus, airing all programmes during the Toggo and Toggolino programming windows an hour later.

As of June 2019, Super RTL airs a variety of programmes from various catalogues including NBCUniversal (including DreamWorks Animation), Warner Bros. and Mattel. In August 2019, the channel's nighttime slot was re-branded to Super RTL Primetime.

Disney programmes

Until January 4, 2014, Super RTL aired a variety of Disney programmes.


TOGGO TV is an own production of Super RTL. The motto is: “You can switch me on” (, Ihr könnt mich mal...EINSCHALTEN!". In every show there are famous German singers and bands and at the end of every season a so called “TOGGO star” is elected, a child, who has done or can do something special. The show is presented by Nina Moghaddam, Paddy Kroetz and the Haselhörnchen (a puppet which looks like a squirrel).

The TOGGO-camp

The camp is organised by the German teenage journey operator Ruf. There are several camps in Germany, for example, in the Schwarzwald and on the island Rügen. It is a holiday camp for children between 8 and 13.

Evening programs

In the evening Super RTL mostly shows programs which were on RTL before. These are shows, comedy, thrillers, series and international films and cartoons, but no Blockbusters.

Disney Series:

At night (Monday to Friday from 3am to 6am and Saturday and Sunday from 2am to 6am) Super RTL shows "Fun-Night", an interactive show, where people can send SMS-greetings or control a computer game. During this time in Austria a log fire is broadcast, which appeared on the channel in Germany until 1995.

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