"Supermarket Scandal" is the second segment of the eleventh episode of Big City Greens.


The Greens open up a food stand, but they're low on supplies, so Cricket gets the idea of making artificially-crafted food to compensate. Also the origin of Tilly's sack doll, Saxon.


Bill, Cricket and Tilly head down to the farmer's market to open up their very own Green Family Farms to the public. Cricket tries to add "pizzazz" to their fruits and veggies by making outlandish claims. Bill reprimands Cricket by telling them that they need to be honest with their products. They are suddenly approached by Chip Whistler, the CEO of Wholesome Foods, who is impressed with Green Family Farms and wants to buy a shipment from them due to his other shipment deal not going through. However, Bill can only fill out half the order and respectfully declines. Cricket cannot fathom why Bill would turn down the offer when they would have gotten paid, so he goes behind his back and promises Chip that they can fulfill the order with Tilly reluctantly going along with Cricket's charade.

Realizing that they do not actually have enough fruit and veggies, Cricket and Tilly resolve to simply take things from around the garage and paint them to look like fruits and veggies. Tilly then distracts Bill by having him take her to see a balloonist, while Cricket gives all the fruits and veggies to Chip who pays him handsomely. Unable to pay the balloonist, Bill gives him an apple and he loves it. When he leads other intrigued people to his stand, he is horrified by the missing produce. Cricket and Tilly explain their plan and Bill is furious with them and knocks some sense into Cricket ("What do you think will happen when people eat your fake food!?" / "Uh, gee dad, I don't know. You really think ten steps ahead." / "At most that's like two!").

The family races to Wholesome foods where Chip catches Bill and has him give a speech to the gathered crowd about farming. Cricket and Tilly manage to locate every fake piece of produce, but the former is forced to use all of his cash he earned from Chip to pay for it. Cricket apologizes for his actions, while Bill admits that he does like the pizzazz he adds to their advertising. Cricket then gets the idea to sell the fake produce to customers who want to give the impression that they are eating healthy which ends up working. Chip, who is unaware of the change, takes a bite of the fake produce and chips his tooth, vowing revenge against the Green family. Saxon, or rather Tilly, adds "Now his name fits his mouth!" as the Greens laugh it off.



  • This episode marks the first appearance of Chip Whistler and the first time Wholesome Foods plays a role in an episode.
  • Gramma Alice is absent.
  • This episode most likely takes place far before the episode "Cricketsitter" as it is the introduction of the character Saxon. For that matter, the previous episode "Gargoyle Gals" is most likely supposed to occur after this one.

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