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Supers is a term for superpowered humans in the world of the Disney/Pixar The Incredibles franchise. In the films, each super has a random superpower. At the time of the first movie, all superheroes were forced into hiding when the public began to sue them for damages caused by crime-fighting. The Supers would be granted amnesty from responsibilities for past actions while, in return, they had to promise to never again resume any form of hero-work. Fifteen years later, however, Winston Deavor, CEO of DevTech, started off a campaign that would help Superheroes become legal again, which ultimately succeeded.

Over fifteen years, Syndrome had many Supers killed by Omnidroids during training sessions for Operation Kronos. The only known Supers left were Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl, and Frozone, with the exception of Bob and Helen's children and the "Wannabe" supers.


The Incredibles

Aside from the Incredibles family and Frozone, several other Supers had cameo appearances in the film. During the opening, Dynaguy, Stratogale, Thunderhead, Meta-Man, and Gazerbeam, are seen attending Bob and Helen's wedding in their super suits. Dynaguy, Stratogale, Thunderhead, and Meta-Man are seen again flashbacks, along with Splashdown, when Edna Mode states the dangers of capes to Bob. Whilst snooping around Syndrome's base, Mr. Incredible broke into his computer and discovered a list of supers he killed during Omnidroid training sessions for Operation Kronos.

Incredibles 2

In the sequel, Superheroes were still illegal. However, Winston and Evelyn Deavor set out to change that by running a campaign that would make Superheroes legal again. Fitting tiny cameras into their super-suits, Supers could share their perceptions with the public, showing them what goes on when they are fighting crime. It is also revealed in the sequel that not all the Supers were killed by Syndrome. There were many others who were forced into hiding due to the law. Among these supers were the "Wannabes", Voyd, He-Lectrix, Reflux, Brick, Screech, and Krushauer, who joined Winston Deavor's campaign to bring Superheroes back. At the signing of the International Supers Accord, more Supers were seen among the many ambassadors attending the ceremony.

LEGO The Incredibles

All the Supers that are seen or mentioned the films are playable characters in the LEGO video game.

List of Supers

Picture Information
Incredibles - Apogee.jpg
  • Gravity Control
  • Travels by solar-powered levitation
  • Wears solar enhancing membrane suit
  • Power increase as sun reaches apogee (High noon)
  • Absence of sunlight: Clouds and Eclipses
Apogee was a member of the Super team known as the "Thrilling Three", along with Gazerbeam and Phylange. She was known to be highly intelligent and quick-witted, but lacked tact. She enjoyed finding the faults in others. Apogee was killed by the Omnidroid, v.X4.
Incredibles - Blazestone.jpg
  • Pyrotechnic kinetic discharge
  • Heat control and heat resistance
  • Flies by riding on heated air
  • Water and below zero temperatures
Blazestone was described as "sassy", initially gaining the NSA's attention after being arrested and jailed and upon recruitment was watched closely as to perform under their guidelines. She had a tendency to speak incredibly fast as a result of always forgetting which dimension she is in. She was in a "Hot and Cold" relationship with Frozone, but the two eventually broke up at some point. Blazestone was killed by the Onmidroid, v.X2
  • Metamorphosis
  • Super-strength
  • Sinks in water
A super tough heroine with mega muscles and a fearless spirit that showcases her strong name.
I2 - Dash.jpg
  • Superhuman Speed, Agility, and Strength
The middle son of Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl. Dash gets his name for being able to run at superhuman speeds. He is described to be a highly competitive boy, and a bit of a showoff. Dash had an interest in participating in sports, but at the time his mother forbade it due to his powers allowing him to cheat.
Incredibles - Downburst.jpg
  • Atomic manipulation - ability to reshape matter
  • Creates transportation devices available materials
  • Cannot reshape matter into complex forms
  • Reshaping organics limited to healing small wounds
Downburst was initially a doctor when he discovered his powers, later leaving to pursue a career in heroism. At the time his powers were not fully developed, so the NSA put him under continuous training to help enhance them. Due to his initial lack of training and development, Downburst had to fight to gain acceptance within the Super community. Downburst had a dislike for Frozone and competed for the affections of super-heroine Blazestone. He managed to defeat the Omnidroid v.X2 after Blazestone's death by it and was then killed by the Omnidroid v.X3
Incredibles - Dynaguy.jpg
  • Disintegration ray disrupts atomic force among atoms
  • Flight powered by ion propulsion gauntlets
  • Limited range for disintegration, object must be closer than five meters
Dynaguy was an original member of the "Thrilling Three". He was known for being impulsive and reckless, resulting in him being put under NSA medication regimen. He came up with his name shortly after discovering his powers, whilst sitting in a local diner. Dynaguy was one of several supers who died due to a "Suit Malfunction", killed when his cape snagged the ground during one of his takeoffs. Following his death, Gazerbeam replaced him as leader of the "Thrilling Three".
I2 - Elastigirl.jpg
  • Full body elasticity
  • Shape-shifting
  • Freezing temperatures
In her golden years, Elastigirl was romantically pursued by many top Supers but turned them all down as she preferred to live the life of freedom and adventure. She had a goal in becoming a prominent superheroine before the banning of Supers. Elastigirl displayed strong opinions towards the subject of Supers being a predominantly male profession.

Elastigirl loved to ride motorcycles, and as a superhero rode a super-bike called an Elasticycle.

Incredibles - Everseer.jpg
  • Magno-scopic vision (microscopic and telescopic vision)
  • Telepathy and clairvoyance
  • Mind-reading animals, especially squirrels
Everseer was at one time the leader of the Superhero team The "Phantasmics" where he rivaled with Gazerbeam over the leadership position. He was known for being obsessive-compulsive and a germaphobic, making him unmarried as he preferred to avoid physical contact. Since he could beat people up with his mind, Everseer never engaged in hand-to-hand combat. This was merely a cover-up for the fact that he had a severe fear of germs. Everseer was also an author who wrote a book titled "Shut Up! Quieting Your Inner Voice" as part of his psychologist secret identity alongside Psychwave. He was killed by the Omnidroid v.X1
  • Fire powers
Although his powers are never explicitly stated, it could be extrapolated that he had fire-based abilities due to his name and logo.

Fironic and Gazerbeam were known to have personal connection with the father of Winston and Evelyn Deavor. However, this relationship ended when superheroes were made illegal and they were forced to go into hiding.

Incredibles - Frozone.jpg
  • Ice Manipulation
  • Heat and low humidity environments
Prior to the banning of Supers, Frozone was romantically involved with Blazestone, who he often partnered with. The two eventually broke up at some point. According to his NSA file recording, Frozone was around two years old when he discovered his powers.
Incredibles - Gamma Jack.jpg
Gamma Jack
  • Controlled Radiation Burst
  • From focused burns to complete disintegrations
  • Maximum range of high intensity is one hundred meters
  • Sharp intensity falloff over distance
Easily recognized by his wave-like hairstyle, Gamma Jack was a favorite of the ladies and was prone to megalomaniacal impulses, believing Supers to be a "superior race". He chose to save attractive women over other innocents and had a particular issue with "killing" female supervillains he was attracted to. These impulses and traits caused the NSA great concern, putting him under close monitoring. He was also a picky eater. He defeated the Omnidroid v.X5 but was killed by Omnidroid v.X6
  • Shoots intense laser blasts from eyes
  • Reflective surfaces
Generally known for a rather dull personality, Gazerbeam had no sense of humor. He was a member of the superhero team, the Phantasmics, but conflicts with Everseer led him to leave and he soon joined the Thrilling Three as their new leader upon the death of Dynaguy. As a civilian, he worked as an inner-city pro-bono lawyer. He bested Omnidroid v.X4 but was defeated by Omnidroid v.X5
  • Electricity manipulation
  • Water
  • Non-conductive materials
Considered both stylish and high voltage, He-Lectrix can control and project electrical currents, which he uses to zap bad guys.
Incredibles - Hypershock.jpg
  • Seismic wave generation, ability to create earthquake-like disruptions
  • Uses dual seismic amplification hammers
  • Flies using vector-thrust, fusion rocket rucksack
  • Powers ineffectual on non-solid material
Hypershock was known for having a bad temper, requiring lots of praise as a result, as well as having a great fondness for alcohol. He defeated the Omnidroid v.X3 but was killed by Omnidroid v.X4.
I2 - Jack-Jack.jpg
  • Pyrokinesis
  • Shapeshifting
  • Elemental Mimicry
  • Molecular Vibration
  • Monster Form
  • Teleportation
  • Intangibility
  • Wallcrawling
  • Matter Ingestion
  • Levitation
  • Laser Vision
  • Electrokinesis
  • Self-duplication
  • Size Manipulation
  • Super Strength
  • Balloon Mimicry
  • Dimensional Travel
Jack-Jack was at first believed to normal, but it later turned out that he had a great number of superpowers like the rest of his family. Despite being just a baby, Jack-Jack is smart and intuitive for his age and can beat a bad guy single-handed. It is unknown what powers he will stick with or whether he will have all.
  • Telekinesis
  • Strength
With his telekinesis, Krushauer can crush a car without even laying a hand on it. He is unlikely to ever un-crush one of the objects he has crushed due to him not wanting to reverse his superpowers.
Incredibles - Macroburst.jpg
  • High-velocity wind generation
  • Airborne through wind propulsion
  • Claustrophobic
Macroburst was at one point the sidekick of Everseer, who often referred to him as "The Kid", before taking on a superhero career of his own. He was also known for constantly and obsessively maintaining his hairstyle. He defeated the v.X1 but then was killed by Omnidroid v.X2
Incredibles - Meta-Man.jpg
  • Flight
  • Super strength
  • X-ray vision
  • Sonic scream
  • Teleportation
  • Magnetic manipulation
  • Partial invincibility
  • Able to communicate with aquatic mammals
Meta Man was deeply committed to his life as a hero, and probably the strongest superhero of his time. He had been put under NSA review as the leader of "Meta Group", overseeing the actions of every other superhero team in existence. Despite all of his great power, Meta-Man was one of several Supers to suffer from an unfortunate "Suit Malfunction", on account of him dying when his cape got snagged in an elevator shaft whilst lifting an express elevator to safety.
I2 - Mr. Incredible.jpg
Mr. Incredible
  • Superhuman strength
  • Invulnerability
Prior to the banning of Supers, Mr. Incredible was once the World's most famous Superhero. At that time he was easily distracted and had an inability to set priorities. His victory in an eating contest with Thunderhead at the NSA picnic earned him the nickname "Mr. Inedible".
Incredibles - Phylange.jpg
  • Sonic field voice projection
  • Sonic feedback, laryngitis
Phylange discovered his power whilst selling peanuts, shouting at ballparks. He was known for his selfish attitude and need for respect, resulting in him never being embraced by the public. His abrasive personality also caused him to have a rivalry with Mr. Incredible. Phylange spent his normal life under the secret identity of an opera singer.

Phylange was a former member of the Superhero team known as the "Thrilling Three", alongside Gazerbeam and Apogee, but left because he saw the team as "Gazerbeam's Gang". He denied this rumor, however, stating in his interviews that he and Gazerbeam got along well and that it was merely a "democratic decision". His name is likely a pun on the audio effect known as flanging. He was killed by the Omnidroid v.X2

Incredibles - Plasmabolt.jpg
  • Plasma Wave Emissions
  • Electromagnetic energy captured by antennae transferred through hands
  • Flies using high tensile, diachronic fiber, acrylic wings
Plasmabolt was known for her obsession with the outdoors, spending her normal life under the guise of a forest ranger, which she was adamant about separating from her superhero identity. She was never defeated by the Omnidroid and her whereabouts are unknown. It is speculated she joined a superhero black ops team but that is most unlikely.
Incredibles - Psycwave.jpg
  • Mental force wave generation
  • Temporary mental paralysis (thirty-second effectiveness)
  • Ability to possess another's body
  • Own body vulnerable while possessing another's body
Psycwave was a founding member of the Phantasmics alongside Everseer and at one point, Gazerbeam. She was known for her occasional paranoid tendencies as well as acting as a psychologist under her secret identity, becoming frustrated by her clients' inability to solve their problems. Psycwave also authored a book titled, "Shut Up! Quieting Your Inner Voice" alongside her fellow psychologist Everseer.

Psycwave first discovered her powers when she was in high school, and took the liberty of abusing them. She had a crush on many boys and would manipulate them into breaking up with their girlfriends so she could date them. She was supposedly killed by the Omnidroid v.X1 but Syndrome never actually found the body similar to Mr. Incredible and so it is possible she survived and went into hiding.

  • Molten stomach acid regurgitation
  • Old age
  • Motion sickness
A Senior superhero who has the unsettling power of heaving hot lava, which helps him break into some of the most secure locales. As an old man, he gets tired easily and has motion sickness problems, which can be fatal for someone who can barf hot lava. When Reflux is on the offensive, he is the most offensive hero around.
  • Night vision
  • Flight by wingsuit
  • 360-degree head rotation
  • Sonic scream
  • Lack of sleep
Screech sports an owl-like appearance and can rotate his head 360 degrees. He can fly by using a pair of wings, which he made, to complete his look, but his real power is a high-pitched screech that can break a glass. Because Screech fights crime mostly at night, he is left feeling tired and less focused during the day.
Incredibles - Splashdown.jpg
  • Flight
  • Underwater high-speed travel
  • Ability to breath underwater
  • Ability to communicate with underwater lifeforms
  • Must stay intensely hydrated
Splashdown was considered to be fiercely independent and obsessed with finding the lost city of Atlantis. His secret identity was being an oceanographer. He was one of several supers who suffered a "Suit Malfunction", since he was sucked into a vortex when his cape got snagged.
Incredibles - Stormicide.jpg
  • Ability to absorb and emit vapors of various properties
  • Functions like a sponge
  • Polarized sonic-imaging lenses
  • Flight by emissions
Stormicide was devoted to her life as a superhero. An excellent multi-tasker, and a graduate student in chemistry. Due to the nature of her powers, Stormicide was the "butt" of many jokes made by other Supers. Despite this, she took it in her stride and often laughed along with them. She was killed by the Omnidroid v.X5 due to her not having very good powers to defend herself.
Incredibles - Stratogale.jpg
  • Subsonic flight
  • Super strength
  • Communicates with birds
Stratogale was a teenage superheroine, who spent her everyday life under the secret identity of a typical high school student. She had a love for animals and eventually volunteered at a local zoo's bird hatchery. Sadly, Stratogale fell victim to a "Suit Malfunction". She had just pulled a commercial jet airliner out of a steep dive when her cape got caught in a jet turbine.
Incredibles - Thunderhead.jpg
  • Ability to harness and control extreme weather conditions through manipulation of barometric pressure
  • Clear days
Thunderhead was known for his caring attitude towards kids, and also for being easily controlled by his emotions. He also, unfortunately, had a reputation for low intelligence. Thunderhead's lack of intelligence would prove his undoing when his cape got caught on the fin of a villain's missile.
Incredibles - Universal Man.jpg
Universal Man
  • Molecular density transformation
  • Alters personal density from gaseous to a near black hole
  • Flies by transforming to lighter-than-air density
  • Ultra-high-density transformation can create uncontrollable gravitational nexus
Universal Man's life had been completely devoted to his superhero career, and therefore he did not possess any secret identity. He was the first Super to be killed by an Omnidroid in the training sessions of Operation Kronos.
I2 - Violet.jpg
  • Force-Field Generation
  • Invisibility
  • Blunt force applied to force field
  • Energy draining
  • inability to turn clothes invisible
The eldest child of Mr Incredible and Elastigirl. Violet gets her name for being able to create purple-tinged force fields and her nature as a 'shrinking violet' for most of the first film. However, after pushed past her comfort zone, she quickly begins to embrace her powers and gain more confidence in who she is.
  • Dimensional teleportation
  • Unpredictable wormhole destinations
Because of the banning of Superheroes, Voyd felt like an outcast. Being forced to hide her abilities from the world was hard for her until she got her chance to embrace her true self when Winston Deavor set out to bring Superheroes back. As a mega-fan of Elastigirl, Voyd looks up to her as a mentor. She was the one woman in her life who has made her feel hopeful and consider her powers to be a gift and not a curse.

National Supers Agency - Supers audio files


  • Plasmabolt was only seen on the bonus disc of The Incredibles, which leaves her fate unknown.
  • Thunderhead's name is a play on the word "Dunderhead".
  • Dynaguy's cowl is red at Bob and Helen's wedding, but in the scene where Edna states the incidents caused by capes, it is white with a red dorsal fin.
  • In a deleted scene (the original opening), it was implied that Supers were forbidden by law to marry each other and have children. When Mr. Incredible was caught in a trap set by Syndrome (who was originally a one-off villain who sought revenge against Mr. Incredible), Helen walked in on it, resulting in Syndrome paralyzing her, only to discover that she was actually Elastigirl. He then hears the crying of their baby and realizes they have a child, causing Syndrome to say, "You know Supers aren't supposed to breed."
  • Two other superheroes were mentioned in the first film.
    • Tradewind
    • Vectress
  • According to Edna Mode, most baby Supers are born with one or two extra powers that they outgrow, however, the babies are not normally born with as many powers as Jack-Jack.
  • In the original English version of The Incredibles during the part where the protesters are demanding the superheroes to be banned in the newsreel scene, some of their signs include words that are negative towards superheroes. In the international versions, some of them are replaced with images of superheroes crossed out by a no symbol to get over the language barrier.



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