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"Surprise" is the first segment of the fourth episode of The 7D. It premiered on July 10, 2014 alongside "Welcome to the Neighbourhood".


Hildy and Grim Gloom walked into the Jollywood village wearing their Invisibility Hats to spy on the villagers. They saw Lord Starchbottom heading toward a restaurant and decided to follow him. After Starchbottom sat down to eat, the 7D came through the floor below via a tunnel. The dwarfs explained to Starchbottom that they're planning a surprise party for Queen Delightful and he must stall her for the day while they're setting up the decorations. As Starchbottom rushes toward the castle, Hildy, eavesdropping on the conversation with Grim at the next table, wants a surprise party of her own. Back at the castle, Starchbottom convinced Queen Delightful to spend the day with her subjects and he gave the signal to the dwarfs to start decorating as he and the queen departed on their Sky Bucket.

At their manor, Hildy told Grim her plans of what her surprise party would be like. As Grim set out to find presents, Hildy attempted to find as many friends as she could to come over. However, Hildy's offer to residents backfired in comedic ways because of her being a witch. Back at the castle, Grim—donning his Invisibility Hat—watched the dwarfs preparing for the party and decided to steal the decorations, the cake, and the musical instruments. After committing the theft, he was on his way with his haul—until the 7D cornered him. After a brief struggle, Grim cast a spell meant for the dwarfs—instead, the spell hit the decorations and they came to life, returning to the castle with the 7D.

After a long and exhausting day meeting and entertaining the people of Jollywood, Queen Delightful and Lord Starchbottom returned to the castle. Starchbottom walked into a dark room while looking for the queen; suddenly, he was met with "Surprise!" from Queen Delightful, the 7D, and the villagers. Queen Delightful explained that it was all her idea and it was actually Starchbottom's birthday; he totally forgotten about it and was flattered. Starchbottom went on to enjoy his party, while the 7D provided the music.

Hildy returned home to find Grim (dressed as a clown) throwing her a party with a cow Hildy has talked to earlier. She was excited...and then became angry when she realized Grim hasn't produced any presents.


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