"Surprise!" is the eighty-second episode of Mickey Mouse and the fourth episode in the fifth season. It premiered on November 18, 2018, to commemorate the 90th birthday of Mickey Mouse.



Mickey's wish for a surprise-free birthday ends up becoming the biggest surprise of his life.


Mickey clears throats, he's gathered you all here to tell you something important, "Just spit it out!" Donald said that Minnie tells his amongst friends, he can tell us anything, Goofy tells us. Do you know how it's Mickey's birthday tomorrow? "Yeah." everyone said to him. Do you know how much he likes his birthday? "Yeah." everyone said again. And maybe we could skip the surprise party this year? "What?" everyone except he said. He wants to skip his surprise party and everyone said what. He yells to said again but everyone is sad, the light is off and Mickey wouldn't say love while watching a TV. At the house, he whistles then "Surprise!" everyone said while he screams, he might say traumatized, at the dental clinic, a dentist cleans his teeth while "Surprise!" again while screams again, or terrified, at the bathroom, he takes a bath while "Surprise!" for the third time while screams for the third time, horrified, inside the car, "Surprise!" for the last time while screams for the last time, and paralyzed, and the car turns around and explodes like smoke. But love, Mickey thinks not, he knows his surprise party is your way of showing how much you care. He tells a birthday cake, which is what he thinks about we do something small. Everyone is happy but Goofy believes the correct pronuncification is "burfday." So, you guys promise? No surprises? This is gonna be the best birthday surprise party ever! Burfday, or not.

The next morning, Mickey wakes up but no more surprises. He sings "No surprises!" while takes a bath, goes to the house, a dentist cleans teeth at the dental clinic, drives inside a car, which turns around and explodes like smoke again.

Meanwhile, who's ready to see Mickey's birthday cake? Everyone groans to see the old cake. This is no "happy" birthday cake, Minnie needs a cake that shows him how much he means to us. Something big, Daisy holds Minnie's hand, really, really, big, Donald holds Daisy's hand, really, really, really, big, and Goofy holds Donald's hand, really, really, really, really....., big, failing to hold Minnie's hand and falls to the ground.

At Donald's boat, Mickey knocks a door while he tells that he is gone, that's odd, the party was here last year, at Goofy's house, he opens the door while he is gone, he thinks, at Minnie's residence, he tells that where she is, "Where is everybody?" he yells.

At the park, everyone wants to make a larger-sized birthday cake than normal-size. Minnie cooked cake bricks to make but Donald puts strawberry icing on cake bricks, Huey, Dewey, and Louie put more, Ludwig presses a button to make Clarabelle's eggs and Pete's butter big, and Goofy mixes the ingredients together, "Bigger!" Minnie said and giggled.

In the city, Mickey wants to find everyone, it's almost as if everybody's off planning his... SURPRISE PARTY!!

Goofy, Pete, and Horace pull a big candle on a larger-sized cake, all cheer while a cake was completed. Minnie stopped all, what's everyone standing around for? At this rate, we'll never make a cake big enough for Mickey. Minnie shouted "bigger" while Ludwig tells that she gets a controller to make cake bigger or a largest-sized birthday cake she holds it to turn too much, broken, a big bulb wears on Minnie's head to become Evil Minnie, who makes everything bigger. She shoots a candle bigger, "Bigger!" she said her catchphrase.

Mickey wonders if everyone is gone, they're out there somewhere, waiting to surprise me. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, they could be here, they could be there, they could be... EVERYWHERE!!!! Just get it over already! A pile of strawberry icing is putting Mickey, a largest-sized cake chases him, who goes to the elevator, goes out. Traumatized, terrified, horrified, PAAARAAALYYYYYYYYZZED!!!!!!! "Help!" Goofy screamed. No more surprises! He can't take any more surprises! As TV pauses, Mickey wants to help you, it's time to surprise yourself and go save your friends, Mickey is right to save everyone as TV unpauses. He runs to see Goofy chasing in front of the candles, Mickey turns his hat as a helicopter to save Donald, Daisy, and Pete, but we're going down while doing exercise to save Horace, Huey, Dewey, Louie, and Clarabelle but crashed by a big egg and landed on the top of the cake. Mickey hears Evil Minnie's "bigger" catchphrase, he holds a candle to hang on Pete's tummy, he jumps to remove a big bulb but fails covered with icing, landing on a rolling candle, and candles trapped everyone. Mickey is sad but he has an idea: a wish. He blows a candle that his glowing spirit appears to say "Minnie, if you can hear me, I just want you to know it isn't the size of the cake that matters, but the size of the heart that bakes it." Evil Minnie turns to good but the size of her heart that bakes it. She removes a big bulb and crashed on the top. She is falling while Mickey, Donald, and Goofy want to catch her but tumble while he caught Minnie. She loves him but the birthday cake was turned back to larger-sized, splat. Everyone misses the birthday cake, Mickey slurps a strawberry icing, Minnie guesses our cake turned out to be a big surprise after all. It sure was surprisingly delicious, she eats an icing and hugs dear Mickey. Happy Birthday to You!!


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  • This is the sixth episode to be seven minutes in length.
  • This episode was released early on YouTube in some countries on November 17, 2018.
  • An instrumental of Minnie's song from "The Birthday Song" can briefly be heard.
  • A portrait of Matey McDuck from the Carl Barks comic "Back to Long Ago" can be seen next to the front door of Donald's boathouse.
  • Goofy's house in this episode is the same one seen in "Goofy's Grandma". Additionally, a sandwich can be seen on the ground inside the house, possibly as a reference to "Goofy's First Love".


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