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Queen Susan's bow was a magical shortbow owned by Queen Susan the Gentle. It is often thought to have been magical, however, that the bow was disinclined to miss anything at which it shot. The bow was accompanied by a quiver of arrows. In the book, she is told not to use unless in desperate need.


In the film,The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, The bow was given to Queen Susan by Father Christmas, near the end of the Long Winter.

Susan practices with this bow while at Aslan's camp, and uses at least two arrows. She also later uses this bow to dispatch Ginarrbrik.

She used it briefly during the First Battle of Beruna. Afterwards it is likely she used it a great deal while hunting.

In 1015 NY, When Queen Susan vanished from Narnia, her bow and arrows were placed in the treasure chamber of Cair Paravel, and when she returned to Narnia 1,300 years later she found the items still there. After retrieving them, she used them to shoot down several Telmarine soldiers. Later, Susan attempted to shoot a bear with her bow, but was unsuccessful. (due to the fact that she was unsure whether or not it was a Narnian bear.) However, she overall uses it a great deal more, appearing first in the Night Raid on Miraz's castle, where she takes down multiple soldiers. She later escapes the Narnian camp and shoots four soldiers before returning to battle and killing many more.

After Queen Susan was told that she could never return to Narnia, the bow and its arrows were in the possession of King Caspian, who brought the in the Dawn Voyager three years after his crowning and gave them to Queen Lucy, who shot an arrow to the sea seprent in the dark island.


The bow is a short, gold-coloured recurve bow made from ash wood. The tips are of ivory.

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