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Swampy is the protagonist of the video game, Where's My Water?. He is an alligator who lives under the city in the sewers. He also is the only alligator who loves to be clean and take showers. His first appearance is in level 1-1/ "Meet Swampy" as a unique and different character from other alligators, in terms of his personality. Unlike other alligators, he is very nice, kind and generous to other ones that aren't even nice to him. As you find out later in this tale that Swampy is in love with a girl alligator named Allie that used to love Swampy's enemy who is named Cranky. Swampy also loves his Rubber Duck. He dislikes Poison Water, Ooze and Mud. He wants to take a shower with just plain Water.


Swampy takes on the appearance of an anthropomorphic short green alligator that walks on two legs and he is the smallest alligator in the sewer, making him slightly shorter than his girlfriend Allie. His eyes have blue irises, and he has three teeth poking out of his mouth; two on the left side, one on the right. He has a long curvy tail with purple rounded scales running down it and his back. He also has lighter green spots on his arms and legs, a round light-green belly, and blue-colored claws on his hands and feet. In earlier versions, his teeth were yellow rather than a clean white.


Unlike other alligators, Swampy is very nice and follows a golden rule in the first game. He is shy but loving, and never shows hatred or aggression to other alligators. After finding a purple bow in the dump and gifting it to Allie, the two have been in a relationship since much to Cranky 's displeasure who used to be Allie's boyfriend. Swampy also loves his Rubber Duck.

Swampy is a very clean alligator who doesn’t want to be dirty. He takes baths and showers regularly, in doing so only wants to bath in plain water. He frequently uses cutlery for eating. He likes to avoid mud and rain. Despite his dislike for mess, it doesn't stop him finding items in the Sewer and treasuring them. On one occasion, on of the alligators ate some of his collection putting him into stress.

In the second game, Swampy has a much younger appearance and personality. Swampy's actions show he is much more like a child, who loves to have fun. Swampy is a very calm, happy and bubbly alligator. He may be shy but he is loving, and never shows hatred or aggression to other alligators.

In Where's My Water?: Swampy's Underground Adventures, he looks out for all the alligators. Swampy hangs out with his girlfriend Allie and sometimes Cranky the most. Swampy eventually wears his swimming gears on to jump into the water with Cranky and the other alligators in the episode Out to Dry.

Swampy is arguably one of the most curious alligators in the Sewer, often getting himself into trouble and he loves his adventure companion, Ducky. Swampy and Cranky are still enemies, they both take the lead at times and both show care for each other.


From Disney's Where's My Water? Website

  • "A lovable outcast amongst the other alligators living in the sewers. He enjoys showering which is something the other alligators just don't understand.
  • Unbeknownst to him the other alligators routinely tamper with his plumbing to stop his showers. The player's goal is to get water to Swampy's broken showers so he can indulge in his favorite pastime."[3]

Swampy's Story

  • "Meet Swampy": Lurking in the city's underground sewers, Cranky disables Swampy's Shower by biting a pipe while two other alligators open a fire hydrant valve.
  • "Troubled Waters": Cranky and Allie laugh at an embarrassed Swampy riding a boat because he always wants to stay clean and not swim in the poison water.
  • "Under Pressure": The alligators are having a picnic at the city beach, Cranky and Allie eat fish with their hands while Swampy sits at a nearby table with cutlery about to eat a fish as Allie watches.
  • "Sink or Swim": In the city dump, Cranky gives Allie a dead rat, but Allie is distracted and sees Swampy holding a purple bow, which in return Allie becomes Swampy's girlfriend.
  • "Change is Good": After giving Allie a new bow, Swampy takes her on a musical ride as she deflects a pipe burst of poison water with her umbrella to Cranky, aiming it to his eyes .
  • "Boiling Point": The alligators take a trip outside a nuclear factory facility on a cold day, while Swampy gives Allie another ride, Cranky watches with a another gator used as bait for Swampy so that he and Allie can be together again.
  • "Stretched Thin": The alligators put a Rapunzel like show together while Cranky gets frustrated after many attempts to break up the romance of Swampy and Allie. Swampy plays a role as the prince as a stage fright gator played as Rapunzel forgets his line as Allie comes over to help out
  • "Caution to the Wind": In the city's air vents, Allie gets worried as she watches Swampy going on a ride after Cranky and the other alligators finds a new device.
  • "Rising Tide": At Swampy's House, Cranky and two other alligators sit on a sofa while Swampy and Allie make cupcakes before Swampy's collection gets ransacked by an alligator.
  • "Out to Dry": The alligators find a mud patch in the city park to enjoy a rainy day. As Cranky jumps on two alligators, Allie encourages Swampy to play with her, but Swampy still hates being dirty.


Though living in a sewer, Swampy is obsessed with cleanliness and this drives the simple story of the game. He is incredibly sweet and innocent, which makes him an easy target for Cranky and his gang, who despise Swampy for his human-like qualities.


Where's My Water?

Swampy is the main character of the app and lives amongst the other alligators beneath the city streets in a sewer. Here, Swampy is in outcast with no real friends. He keeps happy by doing what he loves best, taking baths. He has a crush on the only female gator in the clan Allie. Swampy often strives to impress Allie but because of her boyfriend Cranky, who is also the leader of the clan, Swampy rarely prevails. He is often teased by the other gators because of his nature which is strikingly similar to that of a normal human.


  • Swampy is voiced by Justin T. Bowler
  • Just like all the Alligators in the sewer, Swampy has four fingers and two toes. But real gators have  5 toes on the front legs while the back legs have only 4 toes.


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