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Sweet Sue is a song sung in the segment, Pecos Bill, a segment from the 1948 animated Disney film, Melody Time. It is first sung during the live-action sequence where Bobby Driscoll discusses with Roy Rogers about that the story might include Bill falling in love Sue and later where Pecos Bill falls in love with Slue-Foot Sue where he finds someone he would in love with. Throughout the song, Bill falls in love with Sue as the stars form two hearts, much to Widowmaker crying that Bill is spending more time with Sue as the stars form "Sweet Sue, I love you".


She was fresh as the dew
On a prairie rose
A true thoroughbred
From her head to her toes

There was Slue-Foot Sue
Sweet Sue...

Bill was busy inventin' courtin', Western-style.

He arranged for the Moon
To rise just right
And flood the land with a silvery light
Ordered the stars in heaven above
To form a token of undying love

Then 'cross the sky
In words of fire
Bill told Sweet Sue
Of his own heart's desire

Chorus: Sweet Sue
I love you...

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