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"Sweet Wings of Love" is a romantic ballet for Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse featured in the film Mickey, Donald, Goofy: The Three Musketeers. The song is sung by The Troubadour (Rob Paulsen) and two female butterflies. It is sung to the tune of Johann Strauss's The Blue Danube.

The song was featured on the Disney Princess Sing Along Songs DVD, Disney Princess Sing Along Songs - Once Upon a Dream and on the DVD it was said to be Mickey and Minnie's first date.


Troubadour: Afloat on the breeze

Butterflies: On wings of love

Troubadour: Like birds and like bees

Butterflies: Sweet wings of love

Troubadour: The first day we met

Butterflies: On wings of love

Troubadour: We watch the sunset

Butterflies: Sweet wings if love

Troubadour: And if by some chance

Butterflies: Some twist of fate

Troubadour: We're chasing romance

Butterflies: It's not too late

Troubadour: It's heaven's design, you'll be mine
hands entwined on wings of love

Butterflies: Of love

Troubadour: Our real life fairytale

Butterflies: Fairytale

Troubadour: Down the stream of life we sail

Butterflies: Life we sail

Troubadour: And our world in twilight gleam

Butterflies: Twilight gleam

Troubadour: Like the light in your eyes inside my dreams

Troubadour: Your whisper lightly tickling my ear

It's Paris, ah, in the spring

Butterflies: Spring, spring, spring, spring, spring

Troubadour: I feel so giddy one thing is clear: you stir my heart to sing

Don't take your hand from mine

Butterflies: Hand from mine

Troubadour: Just hold tight until you find

Butterflies: Hold on tight

Troubadour: You're the light I'm dreaming of

Butterflies: Dreaming of

Troubadour: And I'm waiting for you on wings of love

....waiting for you on wings

Butterflies: Lovely little wings

Troubadour: ...of love

Butterflies: On wings of love

Troubadour: Ahh... young love. (giggles)

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