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This article is about the weapon used by Shan Yu. For other uses, see Sword (disambiguation).

The Sword of Shan Yu is a weapon used by Shan Yu, leader of the Hun army, in the invasion of China. It is a serrated, jagged jian with a ring pommel and a long grip that can be held with one or two hands.



Shan Yu is first seen using the sword to menace an Imperial scout. After climbing a tree for a lay of the land, he uses his sword to cut the top of the tree for a better view, before his falcon, Hayabusa, presents him with a doll from a village in the mountains.

During the battle in the mountains, after Mulan (disguised as a male soldier under the alias "Ping") starts an avalanche, Shan Yu slashes her with his sword, which later causes her identity to be revealed. Shan Yu is then buried by the avalanche causing him to lose his sword and it is taken by the Chinese troops offscreen. Upon arriving at the Imperial City to celebrate, Captain Li Shang presents the sword to the Emperor of China. However, Hayabusa suddenly snatches the sword away and returns it to its owner, who is perched on the rooftop of the Emperor's Palace. After capturing the Emperor Shan Yu uses the sword to threaten the Emperor to bow to him which the emperor refuses to do so causing Shan Yu to lose his patience and just tries kill him with the sword but is stopped by Li Shang. During the battle in the palace, Mulan uses the sword to cut the lantern line Chien-Po used to rescue the Emperor, preventing Shan Yu from following. Shan Yu recovers the sword and uses it to threaten Li Shang for robbing him of his victory, but Mulan reveals that it was she who did so. While chasing Mulan through one of the hallways in the palace, he uses the sword to slice through three wooden support pillars with ease, one of which breaks through the wall, allowing Mulan to climb up to the roof. After Shan Yu corners Mulan on the palace rooftop, Mulan manages to disarm him with her fan and pin him to the roof with his own weapon, buying Mushu time to kill him with a large firework. The sword is later seen landing next to Mulan and Shang after it was likely dislodged from its place on the rooftop by the explosion of the fireworks offscreen.

After Shan Yu is finally terminated, the Emperor hands the sword of Shan Yu to Mulan to show the world what she has done for China. Upon returning home, she presents it to her father as a gift to honor the family.

Sofia the First

The sword is part of the Wicked Nine, a group of nine objects used by Disney Villains as revealed in "The Mystic Isles: The Falcon's Eye". It holds the Falcon's Eye, a magical jewel hidden within its hilt. It had wound up in a marketplace in the kingdom of Wei-Ling.

Kingdom Hearts II

Shan Yu uses his sword as one of his main methods of attacking during his boss battle. After Shan Yu's defeat the sword is revealed to be the object that is needed to open the Land of Dragons "Gate".

Disney Sorcerer's Arena

The sword is used as Shan Yu's basic attack.



  • Despite the setting of the movie, the serrated jagged design of the blade appears to be more based on a Moro Kris. A type of sword originating from Indonesia and the Philippines rather than actually resembling a sword that was historically used by the Huns, Xiongnu or Mongolians.
  • In a deleted scene Shan Yu kills one of his soldiers that was hiding a bird from him during a raid by stabbing him in the chest with the sword onscreen complete with blood on the blade.
  • An early version of the story for Mulan II was to feature Shan Yu returning as a ghost,[1] if this story ended up being the final product then it's very possible the sword would have been used in some part of the plot either Mulan was going to use it or Shan Yu's ghost was going to steal and reclaim it or even possibly just having a ghost version of the sword similar to how the First Ancestor Fa has his staff. The sword is not seen or used in the final version of Mulan II meaning it is just possibly still in the possession of the Fa Family and being kept as a prize of war.
  • A similar designed sword is seen and used as one of the main weapons of Raya in Raya and the Last Dragon


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