The Shrinking Machine 2.0 is a new and updated version of Wayne Szalinski's original shrinking machine and has made its first and only appearance in the Disney Theme Park attraction, Honey, I Shrunk the Audience. It is first used to shrink Wayne, but is then accidentally aimed at the audience of spectators and shrinks them, along with Wayne's son, Nick.

The Shrink Machine 2.0 seems to be a combination of the Szalinskis' shrink and growth machines. It is much bigger than the shrinking machine, but not as big as the growing contraption, instead a mix between the two's chrome and open wire designs. It is more powerful, as seen when it shrinks an entire theater and audience in just a few seconds. It also has the ability to grow objects beyond their normal size, as seen when accidentally hitting the Szalinskis' dog, Quark. The machine is equipped with a countdown timer as well, most likely to warn anyone of its operation.

Role in Films

Honey, I Shrunk the Audience

The Imagination Institute is having an open house to any visitors. The institute is also giving out their annual Inventor of the Year Award to Professor Wayne Szalinski and his new and updated shrinking machine. The audience is seated just as Wayne comes in, shrunk, with his flight pod. He soon loses control and his wife, Diane, goes to find him.

While Wayne is lost, his son Nick shows off some of his other inventions. After a few mishaps, Wayne reappears and is regrown by the shrink machine backstage. He then comes around and reveals his newest invention and tries to shrink a bag of luggage. Unfortunately, due to the handles being too high up, Wayne loses control of the shrink machine and aims it at the audience. Nick pushes the institute's chairman, Dr. Nigel Channing, out of the path of the beam just as the machine opens fire and shrinks him along with the audience down to 1/4 the size of an inch.

Wayne explains that the machine blew a fuse and he has more in his office (or so he hopes). While he's trying to repair the shrink machine, Nick and the guests experience multiple events, such as Diane fainting, Adam picking up the theater, and Nick's pet snake, Gigabyte, nearly eating them before being scared away by Quark.

Wayne then fixes the shrink machine and regrows Nick and the audience back to normal size. Unfortunately, Quark gets in the beam's path and is grown to a ginormous size. Wayne is handed the Inventor of the Year Award before Quark enters the room and sneezes on the guests. The institute's logo comes up as the guests exit with the Szalinski's trying to get a hold of Quark.

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