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T.V. is an old console television set from the 1987 animated film The Brave Little Toaster. He used to live up in the cottage with the other appliances until the Master and his family moved away and he was taken with them. T.V. assumes the personality of a wacky news anchor. 

There is another old television set with a dial for an eye and a broken screen for a mouth who also appears in the film, though he is a much more minor character.


T.V. is extremely friendly, caring, likable, funny, and helpful. He seems to have had a very good friendship with the other appliances when he lived up at the cottage and is very happy to see them when they pop up at their city apartment.

T.V.'s main purpose in the movie is to help get the word out to Rob and Chris that the appliances have been sent to 'Ernie's Disposal' and he needs to tell them go save them through advertisements.


The Brave Little Toaster[]

T.V. is a kind-hearted friend of the appliances who lived with him at the cottage and has many fond memories of them after the Master took him to live with him in his apartment. He was not on good terms with the Cutting-Edge Appliances due to his old-fashioned state, but they could not dispose of him. He was overjoyed to see that his appliance friends had returned. His friends asked where the Master was, but just as T.V. was about to tell them that he was at the cottage they had just left, Plugsy changed T.V. to a Spanish channel, making his unintelligibility confuse the five appliances.

The Cutting-Edge Appliances then dispose of Toaster and his gang, so that the Master can take them to college with him rather than his long-time friends. T.V. is distressed but does not hesitate to intervene on his friends' behalf. After witnessing his friends being thrown into a garbage truck, he reads the sign labeled "Ernie's Disposal", and makes plans to inform the Master of their location. After the Master returns home, distressed to find that his stuff was gone, he insists on finding some other old appliances for his own use, rejecting the use of the Cutting-Edge Appliances.

T.V. tries to get the Master's attention through various advertisements promoting Ernie's Disposal. He advertises the appliances there as cheap and as a good bargain. He also shoots down Chris' various proposals for other discount stores. Just as the Master leaves, T.V. finally piques the Master's interest in the site with a wildly-positive promotion of Ernie's, having relabeled it "Crazy Ernie's Amazing Emporium of Total Bargain Madness!" He then faints. It is his intervention that enables the Master to find his beloved companions.

T.V.'s last appearance features him hosting a puppet show for his rescued friends shortly before they leave for college. He is presumably still residing at the apartment.


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