Tagalong is a character in Robin Hood. She is the youngest daughter of Mother Rabbit and a sister of Skippy, Sis and lots of other rabbits. She is about two or three years old.


Tagalong wears a purple pajama gown and carries a toy rabbit. It can be assumed that she is a toddler, due to her size and speech. She is usually seen with her siblings, Sis and Skippy.


Tagalong carries a toy rabbit wherever she goes. She has a lot of enthusiasm and always wants to be a contribution to everything going on around her. For instance, she tries to help her mother scold Skippy, help the latter experiment with his new arrow (given to him by Robin Hood, whom she hopes will turn up on her forthcoming birthday, even though he leaves Nottingham with Maid Marian), and help get everyone out of Prince John's castle, with varying degrees of success.

Tagalong can also be precocious, which isn't unusual at her age. For instance, when Skippy asks how he looks in Robin Hood's hat, she says he hardly resembles the outlaw, which probably wasn't the point of the gift. She is also intelligent, as she helps Skippy swear Toby to an oath while the much older turtle evidently doesn't understand how the process works. The toddler also expresses anger at Sis catching Marian's bouquet, which they presumably know means that according to superstition, Sis will find love before Tagalong does.

Role in the film

As her name suggests, she is usually seen tagging along with her older siblings. She is first seen at Skippy's birthday party. When Sis laughs at the sight of Skippy wearing Robin Hood's hat (which Robin gave to Skippy because as the latter asked how he looked [with the bow and arrow], she said "he [didn't look] much like Robin Hood"), she repeats her mother in scolding Sis to mind her manners. She then tells Robin to come again on her birthday. She later accompanies Skippy, Sis, and Toby when he goes to test out his new bow and arrow. When they meet Maid Marian and Lady Kluck, she remarks that Maid Marian and Robin Hood are said to be sweethearts.

She can be spotted at the archery tournament as one of the spectators and is later imprisoned along with her family for failing to pay taxes. When Robin Hood leads a jailbreak, she falls behind due to losing on her siblings' grip during the escape. Robin goes back to retrieve her but is cut off by the portcullis. Thankfully, Tagalong is small enough to slip through the lattice, as Robin pushes her through one, handing her to Little John on the other side, who then brings her to her mother. At the end of the film, after King Richard returns who sets everything right and arrests Prince John, Sir Hiss and the Sheriff of Nottingham for their crimes against the impoverished, she attends Robin Hood's and Maid Marian's wedding where she and Sis were flower girls. Tagalong then tries to catch Marian's flower bouquet but loses out to Sis, which makes her angry.


Her name could be a pun on the catchphrase 'tag along'. Or it could be a spelling variation of Tagalog (Filipino language).

She appears to have a speech lisp in which she is unable to pronounce 'r's correct.


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