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"Take Me Out of the Ball Game" is the sixteenth episode of the first season of Goof Troop.


Pete and Goofy get into it about their boys on the baseball team, much to the boys' dismay. The coach they have is the same one that kicked their dads out of baseball 30 years ago.

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  • One of the main points of this episode is to show just how much both Max and P.J. do not care for baseball–either playing or even enjoying it–at all. Yet, numerous other episodes throughout the series show the two having the exact opposite opinion, with them either wanting and willing to play Baseball for fun, or their simply owning baseball equipment that they do seem to use. No explanation has ever been given for this discrepancy–like if this episode were meant to take place before all those other ones, with the boys simply having changed their minds about baseball following this one–but both boys in this episode also claim to not be athletic or into sports at all, despite their obvious love of skateboarding and other casual sports in many other episodes, making this one episode stand alone as a curious oddity in that regard when compared to the rest of the series.
  • The first day of this episode takes place on Max's birthday, which is presented as being right before the day of tryouts for Little League Baseball. The first game of the Little League season is then played "next week" from the day of tryouts, and 19 more games make up the rest of the season, ending with the last game played shortly before football season begins. A montage in this episode suggests (but does not state outright) that each baseball game is played every Saturday. A total of 20 games each played on a Saturday would make the Little League season span 20 weeks. Add the tryouts date being one more week prior and the total of 21 weeks makes the season span a little less that 5 months. As football season usually starts in early September, the Little League season ending around that time would place its beginning–and Max's birthday–during April.
    • However, the episode "You Camp Take It With You" establishes early on in the series that Max is 11 and a half years old during that episode's time, which takes place on the first day of summer vacation, which itself would occur anywhere from late in May to the middle of June. Even if Max wasn't exactly 11½ in that episode (as in, if May/June wasn't the sixth month after his birth month, but was at least past the sixth month and before the twelfth month), Max still could not have been born in April in order for his "11½ years old" claim in that episode to be true.
    • And, said claim likely was meant to be true since both that episode and "Midnight Movie Madness" (the only other episode of the whole series in which Max mentions his specific age being "11½ years old") were the first two episodes of the show ever produced, strongly implying the "11½ years old" age for Max to have come directly from the series's production bible as a bit of factual information for each of those episodes. Therefore, for Max's being 11½ at the start of summer vacation to be true in "You Camp Take It With You", he could not have been born in April as the timeline of this episode would suggest.
  • The title is a pun on the name of the song "Take Me Out To The Ballgame".
  • There is a Ducktales episode with the same title.
  • Baseball legends Mickey Mantle and Joe Dimaggio are mentioned, a rare case of real-life people being referenced in a Disney show with an all-animal cast.


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