Tales from Adventureland: The Golden Paw is the second of the Tales from Adventureland trilogy, based on attractions featured in Adventureland, with this entry focused on the Jungle Cruise.


Andy Stanley has a lot to learn about being an adventurer. Who knew being part of the Jungle Explorers' Society would mean having to battle so many stampeding gorillas and ferocious tigers! And now comes news that a group of the world's worst criminals calling themselves the Collective are after a powerful cursed artifact known as the Golden Paw. The J.E.S. is determined to find it first - but an unexpected visitor complicates the mission for Andy. Somebody on his team may be a traitor, threatening the life of his grandfather, Ned Lostmore. Ned always says that the first rule of the Jungle Explorers' Society is that no team member gets left behind. But Andy has no idea who to trust. And if he doesn't figure it out soon, he might be the one who gets left behind-permanently. 

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