"Tales of the Apple Dumpling Gang" is an episode of Walt Disney based on The Apple Dumpling Gang. It aired on January 16, 1982.


A remake to the 1975 Disney live-action feature film, The Apple Dumpling Gang. Donavan arrives in town and soon finds he is the legal guardian to two kids Clovis and Celia. He tries to decline but the sheriff insists.....


  • Judith Baldwin ... Saloon Girl
  • Ed Begley Jr. ... Amos Tucker
  • Alice Borden ... Widow Honeywell
  • Tom Bower ... Eli Nugent
  • Lew Brown ... Leonard Sharp
  • Timothy Burns ... Billy Keenan
  • Al Checco ... Floyd Wilkins
  • Dee Cooper ... Driver
  • Arte Johnson ... Theodore Oglivie
  • Henry Jones
  • Sandra Kerns ... (as Sandra Kearns)
  • John Bennett Perry ... Russell Donovan
  • William Smith ... Monk Hardwick

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