Okay... okay... I am officially putting my thoughts and opinions on the Disney Character children up here for public domain. Anybody can use these if they want. You don't have to credit me, but you can if you want.

Ben is a stupid name for Belle and Adam's son. Yeah, because Ben is totally a French name and not Hebrew, meaning (get this) "son of" (it can also mean "son of the right hand" if it's derived from Benjamin, but whatever). I was thinking more along the lines of Armel for a girl (meaning "stone prince", after the Beast's lack of love before he met Belle or the gargoyles turning into angels) or Fabrice for a boy (meaning "skilled craftsman", after Maurice).

If Rapunzel's child is a girl, it should have the sun-hair. If it's a boy, it probably can't. Here's why. *SPOILERS FOR TANGLED, AS WELL AS GEEKY GENETIC INFO* Rapunzel shed a tear onto Eugene's body. That tear was the drop of sunlight, bringing him back to life. He didn't get the sun-hair, because it simply brought him back. However, the tear was in him, meaning it could possibly be passed on to a child. However, since males can only pass things on through the X gene, it would have to be a girl to have the sun-hair, because girls have two X genes while boys have an X gene and a Y gene, and the Y gene doesn't pass on traits. So the sun-hair child would have to be a girl. That doesn't mean that their first child will definitely get the sun-hair, but it is probable. *END OF SOILER WARNING AND GEEKY GENETIC INFO* Also, I can't find the meaning of Anxelin. I thought it would be along the lines of Rampion (another name for the Rapunzel herb), but oh well.

I'm guessing if Mulan has a boy, then it will be named Ping.

Aurora and Philip had children in the original fairytale. A girl named Dawn (who is usually the older), and a boy named Day. Sometimes the names from the original fairytales are used, but then Dawn would be Aurore, and that looks way too much like Aurora.

.*SPOILERS FOR THE SERIES THE LAND OF STORIES BY CHRIS COLFER (YES, THE SAME GUY WHO ACTS IN GLEE)* The Fairy Godmother? Okay, now this is really looking like The Land of Stories. If his name is John then I wil die. *END OF SPOILER WARNING*

Wasn't the whole point of the prince getting married in Cinderella was for him to have kids? The King wanted grandchildren running around the palace, remember? So I think that there should be Cinderellian offspring. *SPOILERS FOR THE SERIES THE LAND OF STORIES BY CHRIS COLFER (YES, THE SAME GUY WHO ACTS IN GLEE)* Just so long as her name isn't Hope. *END OF SPOILER WARNING*

You need Melody. Yes, her movie sucked, but she in herself was a very likable character. Go.

And what about Aladdin children? They would be awesome.

No Pocahontas, though, please. Cause she died when her son was a baby in real life, and Disney's already screwed up the story of Pocahontas enough.

Tiana, however, that would be awesome. Plus, it would give an african-american character, which I'm sure Disney will need.

No Mérida or Elsa, please. But Anna and Kristoff are fine, so long as one of their kids has their Aunt's ice powers.

And if Hades ends up having a kid in this, then of course all of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians fans will go completely bonkers.

And the names for the villain children are stupid. See my below post for more.

Those are my opinions on the children of the fairytale characters. What do you guys think?

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