Wouldn't Donald be at least some part scottish due to his Uncle Scrooge?--CLARKMASTER! 03:20, February 6, 2010 (UTC)

My edits

I really wish that Disneylover, Mickeyboy13, and other users would quit undoing the edits I have been making to this page, because I am trying to make the page neat. The paragraphs about Donald and Mickey's relationship do belong in a different section from the stuff about Donald's career. And why should Donald's appearance on Bonkers only get one sentence? Considering it was rescuing Donald that led to Bonkers joining the police, I'd say it's a rather important part of the plot! (Watch this clip from the episode if you don't believe me.) Also, the quote should be written as "Aw, phooey!", not the grammatically incorrect "Aw Phooey!" Anyone who thinks I'm making the page look sloppy needs to seriously look at what they're putting on the page. --JeremyCreek 18:55, March 30, 2010 (UTC)

Donald's Strength

I find it interesting that in Goofy's page, it's mentioned that he "is less intelligent than Donald Duck but seems to have more courage" and that he "is shown to be aggressive at times and extremely strong." First of all, these assumptions seem to be purely based on their Three Musketeers movie which made Donald pointedly out of character as a coward to fit in with the plot's premise (he's not dumb and Mickey's smaller than theory anyway). In all his other cartoons, while Donald might show fear at times, he's usually the first to charge into a fight. I mean, it even says so in his theme song! Also, when all three went ghost hunting in "Lonesome Ghosts," Donald was the one who actually punches the ghost!

Also, as far as Donald's strength goes, I'm pretty convinced that he's the strongest out of all three of them, especially when he's angry or even intently determined. In "Mickey's Answering Service," Donald rips a keypad off the wall in anger and then handily beats BOTH Mickey and Goofy in a psuedo tug-of-war contest while trying to hook up telephone wires at the opposite end! In "Cured Duck," he almsot destroys Daisy's house in a rage at not being able to open a locked window as he rips up telephone poles out of the ground and picks up a refridgerator and throws it on the couch! And in "Sea Scouts," after trying to escape a huge shark, the shark makes the mistake of destroying his admiral's hat, so Donald rushes it and KOs it with a single, powerful punch! So, therefore, I'd much rather anger Goofy over Donald...I want to live! ThePaganSun

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