I loved this episode and seeing Peter Pan return to the series is quite nice. HOWEVER, there are some things I would've preferred.

Instead of just Peter's shadow getting kidnapped, why not Tinker Bell as well? I kinda got ticked off that she appeared in the THIRD special instead of the episode where Peter made his first return. 

I found it pretty odd that Peter had THAT good of a relationship of his shadow to the point of where, if he was separated from him for too long, he'd pretty much end up depressed and unable to fly. Especially since it contradicts the first movie. Here's how I would've written it;

Peter, Tink, and Shadow are all playing Catch Me if you can. However, Shadow runs loose, and Tinker Bell goes off to find him. Peter turns to Jake and his crew to find them. When Hook discovers that Tinker Bell and Shadow have returned to Never Land, he decides to capture them and use Tinker Belle's Pixie Dust to make the ship fly, but as well as that, lure Pan to him so he could kidnap them and make him leave Never Land forever. Tink and Shadow hear this and escape, and Tink manages to find her way back to Peter, and alerts him of Shadow's whearabouts. She goes ahead, and tries to rescue Shadow herself, but they both get captured. Pan soon gets sad over the potential end of both his friends, which motivates Jake's crew to help him save Peter's friends as quickly as possible;

After Hook escapes to Skull Rock, he notices Tinker Belle's pixie dust fading, and gets angered at his failed chance. Finding no use in her, she plans on tossing her and Shadow near the end of the sea.. The special goes on the same way with Peter, his shadow and Tink leaving Neverland.

But NOPE: Instead Peter is sad because he doesn't have his shadow with him, he can't fly, and that's it......... no wonder Tink was so jealous in the first 2 movies; HE PREFERRED HIS FLIPPING SHADOW OVER HER! I'm surprised she didn't try to rip Peter's Shadow from him.

But then again, there is only so much you can fit into an hour long, direct-to-television film. I just wish they at least tried to do more with it.

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