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This article is about the 2010 characters. For the 1951 animated characters, see Flowers of Wonderland.

The Tall Flowers are characters who appear in the Tim Burton adaptation of Alice in Wonderland.


Alice in Wonderland[]

Upon arriving in Underland, Alice arrives in the area as the flowers do not find any interest in Alice, to which Mally explains that no one recognizes Alice upon her arrival. Uilleam, the Dodo, decides to consult the caterpillar Absolem to know if she is the real Alice and one of the flowers says that Absolem will know who she is when Alice says that she is not the real one (because she thinks it was just a dream). After talking with Absolem, the pink flower believes that Alice is an impostor until the conversation is interrupted, where the Bandersnatch arrives alongside with the Armored Cards summoned under the order of the Red Queen and Knave of the Hearts chasing Alice and the others. They are not seen again throughout the rest of the film.

Alice Through the Looking Glass[]

The tall flowers do not appear in the final version of the film, since they only appear in a deleted scene titled "Toomalie Day" in its caterpillar version (since Alice traveled to the past). One of the flowers tells her what type of flower she is while Alice apologizes and asks where the Hightopps are until Absolem interrupts her, saying that she is a stupid girl, explaining that Time is not on her side until she sees the Town of Witzend and goes to him to look for the Hightopps.

It is to note that this scene is a CGI test of the flowers with Absolem still in his caterpillar form which was not fully rendered in the final version and the scene was not used in the final version due to it being unfinished.

Despite not returning, they can be briefly seen during the part when Alice uses the Chronosphere to travel to the Ocean of Time during the part where Alice passes by an image of Tarrant Hightopp in the past Kebek Day event as part of Alice's plan to travel to the Horunvendush Day event, hoping to save the Hatter and his family.

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