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Tallulah is a character from Meet the Robinsons, and a member of the Robinson family.


Meet the Robinsons[]

Tallulah first appears when she gets paint placed on her hat by Laszlo Robinson (Tallulah's brother) and she tells him if he doesn't stop, she'll tell their mother on him.

Meet the Robinsons (video game)[]

Tallulah appears as an opponent for the Chargeball minigame.


  • In the original book, Tallulah is Wilbur Robinson's sister who would talk on the phone and eat grapes. He had another sister named Blanche who had modeled a prom dress similar to the outfit Tallulah wore.
  • Tallulah had a pet monkey in early drafts of the film that lived on her skyscraper hat, behaving like King Kong.
  • Tallulah, Laszlo Robinson and Petunia Robinson (Tallulah's assumed to be mother) are the only ones who are "redheads" in the Robinson family.
  • Tallulah is voiced by actors of different genders depending on the version of the movie:
    • Tallulah is voiced by a male actor in the original version.
    • Tallulah is voiced by female actors in the French and Spanish dubs.


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