Tanner Ramon Lewis is a character in Teen Beach Movie.


Tanner is a surfer and hangs out with the group of surfers in Brady's favorite movie, Wet Side Story. He is expected to dislike the bikers, who want Big Momma's all to themselves.


Tanner is a cute, quirky, funny, adorable, and good looking all wrapped into one. However, he's not the smartest. Sure he can be a cutie, but a really not-the-smartest cutie. He's a romantic, as shown when he wanted to write Mack a song. He always wanted to ride a motorcycle and thinks bikers aren't that bad.


Teen Beach Movie

In Wet Side Story, Tanner is a part of the surfer group, who he hangs out with and surfs with. When Tanner catches a biker girl, Lela, in his arms, they instantly fall in love. Due to them being apart of rival groups, Bikers and Surfers, they must keep their love a secret.

When McKenzie, who is a real person, is transported into Wet Side Story, she falls into Tanner's arms instead of Lela and Tanner falls in love with McKenzie rather than Lela. However, he falls for Lela in the end, after Brady and McKenzie are captured.

Teen Beach 2

Back in Wet Side Story, Tanner is happy with Lela and their friends, but when Lela finds the necklace she gave to Mack, he goes with her. Tanner finds himself in the real world outside of the 1960s movie, and is excited to see and do new things.

He and Lela start noticing something is wrong with Mack and Brady, and Tanner helps Brady work through some tough things relating to his relationship with Mack, revealing that he can pay attention and be a very caring friend.

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