Tanner is a character in Teen Beach Movie.


Tanner is a surfer and hangs out with the group of surfers in Brady's favorite movie, Wet Side Story. He is expected to dislike the bikers, who want Big Momma's all to themselves.


Although Tanner is good looking with his mega-watt smile, he is not the sharpest guy, as he can be a little arrogant for his looks. Although, during a discussion with McKenzie, we learn he doesn't think the bikers are that bad. He also seems to see his friends' expectations as a stumbling block for what his heart wants to do, a thought he and McKenzie share. However, hers is with her mom and aunt.


In Wet Side Story, Tanner is a part of the surfer group, who he hangs out with and surfs with. When Tanner catches a biker girl, Lela, in his arms, they instantly fall in love. Due to them being apart of rival groups, Bikers and Surfers, they must keep their love a secret.

When McKenzie, who is a real person, is transported into Wet Side Story, she falls into Tanner's arms instead of Lela and Tanner falls in love with McKenzie rather than Lela. However, he falls for Lela in the end, after Brady and McKenzie are captured.

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