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Tarzan's parents are minor characters in Disney's 1999 animated feature film, Tarzan. They were the birth parents of the film's title character.


Not much is known about Tarzan's birth parents. They are very close as it is shown in the movie's opening when they embrace after they were all safely off their burning ship.

Tarzan's father seems to be very strong, but also very kind, as well as very observant. When Tarzan pointed to the large tree in a playful manner, he instantly knew it would be a safe place to build a safe home together.

Tarzan's mother seems to be an independent woman with the equal emotional and mental strength to that of her husband. When she and her husband were building the treehouse she was by his side the entire time. She is also strong and persevering because she is seen carrying Tarzan on her back while building the treehouse. Her strength also shows when she pulls her husband into a lifeboat.

It is known, however, that they loved each other, and their son, very much; this was shown at the beginning of the film when the husband risked being burned as he attempted to lower the lifeboat where his wife and son are on it from the burning ship, as well as when his wife helped him into the lifeboat after jumping off the ship.

Another example of their love is when they give their lives to keep Tarzan safe from Sabor. This was their ultimate sacrifice.

There is also a good chance that if they could somehow know about Kala, and her efforts to take care of Tarzan, they would love her and be grateful to her for everything she had done for their son.



While they may not be Greystrokes in the animated movie, like in the literature, Tarzan's parents cast ashore in an unknown area of Africa with Tarzan after their ship is burned down. Although unseen, they are killed by Sabor, as seen when Kala rescues Tarzan from her after seeing their dead bodies.

Eventually, they were avenged by Tarzan as an adult, who would grow up to kill Sabor.

Later, when Kala tells Tarzan the truth about his family, Tarzan decides to go to England with Jane Porter, wearing his father's suit.

The Legend of Tarzan[]

After the events of Tarzan, Tarzan, Jane, and Professor Porter move into the treehouse that Tarzan's parents had built before their deaths.

In the episode "Tarzan and the British Invasion", they were mentioned by Tarzan to Jane's friends Greenly, Hazel, and Eleanor about how he never knew them and how they got killed by Sabor in the treehouse.


Concept art[]



  • It seems Tarzan has gotten his hair color and facial shape from his father and gained his mother's hair type and eye color.
  • In the novel, their names are given as Lady Alice Greystoke and Lord John Greystoke.
    • Their death is different from the original source material. In the novel Tarzan of the Apes, Tarzan's mother dies from natural causes and Tarzan's father is killed by Kerchak.
  • In one deleted scene, it is depicted differently as we see his father look sadly at his wife's picture before being killed by Sabor, implying she is already dead like in the novel. This deleted scene could still be seen on the 2-disc DVD.
    • Also in that same deleted scene, Tarzan's father is shown to be killed by Sabor onscreen at the beginning of the film.
  • Due to sharing the same last name as him in the novels, it is possible that Tarzan’s parents were relatives of Clayton.
  • Director Chris Buck once joked that King Agnarr and Queen Iduna from Frozen (another Disney film which Chris Buck also co-directed) are basically the same characters as Tarzan's parents from this film, as he stated that they did not really die on their voyage and instead get washed up on an African island, had a baby boy named Tarzan, and got eaten by Sabor the leopard. This concept is however debunked in Frozen II since Agnarr and Iduna's ship was discovered to have been washed in from the Dark Sea and they were revealed to have been searching for Ahtohallan.

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