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Taurus is a New Olympian and a false antagonist of the episode "The New Olympians", which is an episode of the Disney animated series, Gargoyles. He is based on a minotaur who remains as a guardian to New Olympus after his father was murdered by Proteus.


The New Olympians

Taurus and the other New Olympians thought Elisa was trespassing on the island, taking her to the Senate House. Elisa, however, wasn't actually doing anything harmful to the New Olympians.

Soon as Goliath, Angela, and Bronx arrived in the Senate House, Taurus blames the loss of his ancestor, who was killed by a hero known as Theseus. Soon as he believes humans are harmful, the crowd agrees angrily.

While ambushed by an angry mob, Taurus alerts the crowd to stop attacking the Manhattan Clan. Elisa is later arrested for causing an angry mob. He later delivers Elisa to her prison cell while Taurus is on his way to check for problems. As Elisa causes an angry mob to harass her, Taurus arrives to stop yelling at Elisa. He prompts the mob to move along or they will get arrested. He asks Helios to check the pyrotechnic problems before he loses his job.

The next day, Taurus arrives at the Columnadium where Proteus is damaging the computer system of New Olympus. Taurus ended getting into a fight with Proteus as a cyclops, punching his eye and saving New Olympus. He arrested Proteus back to his prison cell. He finally allowed Elisa Maza to leave the island, despairing to be the first human to visit the island of New Olympus.


Seeing Isn't Believing

He ends up getting ambushed by Hudson in the butchery, thinking the minotaur is a criminal. He admits that he is actually on an emergency mission to capture Proteus who escaped into Manhattan. He rescues Elisa again who almost fell to dangerous fan blades.

Taurus, along with Hudson, Angela, and Elisa go on a search for Proteus. It is revealed that Goliath who is captive is Proteus while on a search. Taurus soon threw an anchor to find the real Goliath who is captive.

As the real Elisa Maza and the other one (which is Proteus), Taurus has a force field cell to capture which one is Proteus. Soon as Proteus is captured, Taurus brings him back to New Olympus to put him in prison again.


  • Taurus is voiced by Michael Dorn. His voice actor, Michael Dorn, also did the voice of his father and Coldstone. Dorn also portrayed Lieutenant Worf Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.
  • Taurus is named after the Greek word for "bull", which is also the name of the zodiac constellation.
  • Taurus and Proteus are the only New Olympians to only appear in The Goliath Chronicles. He and Proteus are the only characters who appear in apocryphal episodes.

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