Tawny Dean (portrayed by Margo Harshman) is a close friend of Louis Stevens, and Alan Twitty on the show Even Stevens. Her father is a psychiatrist and Tawny is a budding shrink herself, who often ends up having to help Louis through issues he gets himself into.

She's an outspoken individual who believes in tolerance and world peace. She expresses herself through poetry and her eccentric choice of clothing.

Louis first caught Tawny's eye on day one of Junior High when he climbed (and fell...) off of the flagpole in an attempt to let everyone know who he is. They went on to have their first conversation at lunch that day, and later on Louis asked for her to help with a prank against Ren's arch-enemy, Larry Beale, in the race for school policy monitor. From then on, she & Louis remained friends. She's always there to support and give guidance to her two best friends, Twitty & Louis, and even partake in their mischief from time to time.


Throughout season one & two, it is implied that there might be something more between Louis & Tawny... but, it's not until "The Kiss" (Episode 1, Season 3) that these feelings are acted upon. The two accidentally share a kiss at lunch and decide to start dating. It was in this episode that Tawny finally tells Louis that she's liked him "ever since the first day she met him." - The relationship was short-lived & immature but, was later rekindled in the final episode of the series "Leavin' Stevens" (Episode 22, Season 3) where the Stevens' are preparing to move to Washington, D.C. after Eileen Stevens is elected for congress.

Thinking that they're never going to see each other again, Louis & Tawny both recorded videotapes of themselves finally telling each other how they really feel. But, after a recount of votes, Eileen's seat was taken by Charles Nuck and the family was no longer moving. Louis desperately tries to retrieve his tape from Tawny's house before she sees it. But, he accidentally takes Tawny's tape to him instead. In the end they both watch the tapes, & discover that they truly love each other and finally feel ready for a serious relationship.



Maureen O' Sullivan as Jane

Maureen O' Sullivan as Jane Parker in the Tarzan sequel "Tarzan and His Mate" (1934).

  • Margo Harshman, the actress who portrays Tawny, looks just like Maureen O' Sullivan, who portrayed Jane Parker in several of the Tarzan series in the 1930s.

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