The following is a list of episodes of Teamo Supremo, listed in production order.

The exact airdates of many episodes, particularly in the second season, are unclear, but it is known that several of the episodes in that season premiered on Toon Disney.

Season 1 (2002)

All of the episodes in this season premiered on ABC as part of Disney's One Saturday Morning.

Production for this season began in May 2001.

# First segment Second segment Airdate         
1 "In the Beginning..." "Duly Deputized Super Agents!" January 19, 2002
2 "And Then There Were Two..." "Who Invited the Birthday Bandit?" January 26, 2002
3 "My Sister the Spy!" "The Sinister Substitute!" February 2, 2002
4 "Grounded!" "The Baron and the Baby Brother!" February 9, 2002
5 "The Chief's New Groove!" "Capitol Offense!" February 16, 2002
6 "Danger: Dirigibles!" "Enter the Cheapskates!" February 22, 2002
7 "The Sinister Stylist!" "Running the Gauntlet!" February 23, 2002
8 "Appetite for... Dessert!" "It's Crandall's Birthday - Bandit!" March 2, 2002
9 "Sounds of the Songstress!" "Calling Captain Excellent!" April 13, 2002
10 "Attack of the Stuffed Stuff!" "Reservoir Frogs!" May 4, 2002
11 "Pogo Panic!" "Enter Dr. 'Droid!" May 11, 2002
12 "Mr. Vague Does Something..." "The Big Put Down!" May 18, 2002
13 "The Return of Technor!" "A Monumental Crisis!" May 25, 2002

Season 2 (2002-2003)

In the show's second season, about half of the episodes premiered on Toon Disney, while the other half premiered on ABC Kids. The episodes that premiered on ABC Kids were eventually aired in reruns on Toon Disney after ABC dropped the show.

Production for this season began in February 2002.

# First segment Second segment Airdate Network
14 "You Better Start Calling Me Chief!" "When Elements Unite!" October 24, 2002 Toon Disney
15 "Haunted House on Horror Hill!" "An Appointment with the Dentist!" October 31, 2002 Toon Disney
16 "Getaway Car-Go!" "Enter Lord Druid!" November 7, 2002 Toon Disney
17 "Electronica's Game!" "The Angler's Angle!" November 14, 2002 Toon Disney
18 "Thog the Caveman Returns!" "Mr. Large's Slippery Scheme!" August 25, 2002 Toon Disney
19 "Out of the Past!" "The Sinister Shillelagh!" November 21, 2002 Toon Disney
20 "Parents from Another Planet!" "Birthday Bash!" November 28, 2002 Toon Disney
21 "The Sinister Sloppy Joe!" "Sun, Surf, Sand... and Skull?" December 5, 2002 Toon Disney
22 "The Big Image Problem!" "Not on My Cinco de Mayo!" September 14, 2002 ABC
23 "Things That Go Bump in the Night!" "Will of the People!" December 6, 2002 Toon Disney
24 "Happy Holidays, Mr. Gruff!" "The Grandfather Show" December 7, 2002 Toon Disney
25 "Electronica's Game 2!" "Tossing the Gauntlet!" August 1, 2003 Toon Disney
26 "Doin' the Supremo!" "Beware of the Bungler!" August 8, 2003 Toon Disney
27 "Going it Alone!" "Out to Dry!" August 15, 2003 ABC
28 "Play it Again, Songstress!" March 8, 2003 ABC
29 "Brenda's Birthday Bandit!" "Raising the State!" April 5, 2003 ABC
30 "Welcome to the Magna Mall!" "The Baron's Blitz!" April 12, 2003 ABC
31 "Pyrite and Pirate!" "The Chief of Cheer!" April 17, 2003 ABC
32 "Cloaked Paulson, Mr. Skull!" "3, 2, 1... Teamo!" December 12, 2003 ABC

Season 3 (2003-2004)

After ABC dropped Teamo Supremo from its line-up, the remaining episodes premiered on Toon Disney, with four of the remaining episodes premiering on the network's New for You Show in December 2003. For some reason, the episode with the segments "Will You Be My Valentine Bandit?" and "Unidentifiable Goopy Substance!" was oddly only aired once, and then never again, despite clips from the latter segment being prominently featured in promos for the New For You Show.

Production for this season began in July 2003.

# First segment Second segment Airdate
33 "Something Cheesy Comes This Way!" "Cartoons of Doom!" December 5, 2003
34 "State of Chaos!" "Science Friction!" December 12, 2003
35 "Will You Be My Valentine Bandit?" "Unidentifiable Goopy Substance!" March 14, 2004
36 "The Mark of Comrade Z!" December 19, 2003
37 "Teamo Rocks!" "The Wrath of Scooter Lad!" December 26, 2003
38 "Word Search!" "Micro Supremo!" August 16, 2004
39 "The Governor's Analyst!" "The Gauntlet's New Gloves!" August 17, 2004

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Season Three: "Something Cheesy Comes This Way! / Cartoons of Doom!" • "State of Chaos! / Science Friction!" • "Will You Be My Valentine Bandit? / Uncontrollable Goopy Substance!" • "The Mark of Comrade Z!" • "Teamo Rocks! / The Wrath of Scooter Lad!" • "Word Search! / Micro Supremo!" • "The Governor's Analyst! / The Gauntlet's New Gloves!"

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