Edward Bridge "Ted" Danson III is an American actor, author, and producer known for his role as Sam Malone in the NBC sitcom Cheers also played as D.B. Russell in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and its spin-off, CSI: Cyber and Michael in NBC fantasy-comedy series The Good Place.

For Disney, he portrayed Jack Holden in the 1987 Touchstone Pictures film, Three Men and a Baby and its 1990 sequel, Three Men and a Little Lady, and Jeremy Brockett in the 1999 Touchstone Pictures film, Mumford.

He also made a guest appearance as his Cheers character in a segment of the television special, Mickey's 60th Birthday with the rest of the Cheers cast including Kirstie AlleyJohn Ratzenberger, and Kelsey Grammer.

In it, it is Rebecca Howe's birthday and Mickey visits the bar, attempting to cheer her up. When Rebecca takes Mickey out on a date, Sam watches enviously asking what Mickey has that he hasn't got.

Personal life

Ted Danson also has an extensive early Colonial American ancestry, being the direct descendant of three Mayflower pilgrims, three colonial governors, a famous Indian fighter. He also has a direct link to the historic Puritan leader Anne Hutchinson who in turn is a direct descendant of the ancient European emperor Charlemagne and other historic English royalty.


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