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Teen Win, Lose, or Draw is a teenager's television game show that was aired on The Disney Channel in 1989. It was hosted by Marc Price. The game show was based on an adult game show called Win, Lose, or Draw, which ran from 1987 to 1990, and was co-produced by Disney through its Buena Vista Television subsidiary (alongside Burt Reynolds, host Burt Convy, and game show veteran Richard S. Kline); Stone-Stanley Productions co-produced this version as well.


2 teams of 3 teen players (boys vs. girls each composed as 2 contestants and a teen celebrity) compete. What's different about this show compared to its adult counterpart is that the teams played for points & prizes instead of money.

Clue Round[]

A team in turn had 1 minute to draw clues to an answer. 1 member of the team drew clues on the sketchpad and the other players tried to guess what the clues are. When time was up, the controlling team then tried to guess the subject. A correct solution scored 200 points; But failure to guess the right answer caused opposing team got a chance to solve the puzzle and steal the points.

NOTE: The adult version originally did not have this round until the second season.

Phrase Round[]

This round was the same as the first round of the adult version, for 1 Player from a team had 1 minute to communicate a phrase to his/her teammate. The value started at 200 points and when there was 30 seconds left, The drawer had option to pass off to another teammate with the value reduced 100 points. If time ran out, the opposing team can steal the points by guessing the subject, If they failed, neither team got the points.

Speed Round[]

Same as the original version. 1 player from each team had 90 seconds to draw as many words/mini-phrases as he/she can for his/her partners to guess with the team in the lead going first. Each correct guess with worth 100 points and they can pass on a subject, but only 2 answers per turn.

The end of the "Speed Round," the with the most points wins the game, and the teen contestants on the winning team each won a prize package.

New Version[]

The Disney Channel will produce a new version of Teen Win, Lose, or Draw (only without the "Teen" in its name) this year with Justin Willman as the host.